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Volume 75 - Number 4 - December 1960

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Twenty-Five Years of Unemployment Insurance: An Experiment in Competitive Collectivism
Joseph M. Becker

pp. 481-499

Gold in World Monetary Affairs Today
Miroslav A. Kriz

pp. 500-518

West New Guinea in the Crucible
Justus M. van der Kroef

pp. 519-538

The Short Course and Soviet Historiography
Paul H. Avrich

pp. 539-553

De Gaulle's Republic
Stanley Hoffmann

pp. 554-559

Employment, Growth, and Price Levels
Paul Wonnacott

pp. 560-571

Joint Economic Committee Congress of the United States: Study Papers on Employment, Growth, and Price Levels

p. 572

Politics and Vision: Continuity and Innovation in Western Political Thought, Sheldon S. Wolin
Reviewed by Thomas I. Cook

pp. 573-574

Foreign Aid: Theory and Practice in Southern Asia, Charles Wolf
Reviewed by H. L. Keenleyside

pp. 575-577

Law and Opinion in England in the Twentieth Century, Morris Ginsberg
Reviewed by Alexander Brady

pp. 577-579

The End of Empire, John Strachey
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 579-581

The Years of Challenge: The Commonwealth and the British Empire, 1945-1958, Don Taylor
Reviewed by J. D. B. Miller

pp. 581-583

Some Problems of the Constitution, Geoffrey Marshall and Graeme C. Moodie
Reviewed by Harry Eckstein

pp. 583-586

The Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Leonard Schapiro
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 586-587

Communist China and Asia: Challenge to American Policy, A. Doak Barnett
Reviewed by Guy Wint

pp. 588-589

Metropolis and Region, Otis Dudley Duncan, William Richard Scott, Stanley Lieberson, Beverly Davis Duncan and Hal H. Winsborough
Reviewed by Louis Winnick

pp. 589-591

The Politics of Mass Society, William Kornhauser
Reviewed by David B. Truman

pp. 591-593

The American Voter, Angus Campbell, Philip E. Converse, Warren E. Miller and Donald E. Stokes
Reviewed by James D. Barber

pp. 593-595

The Politics of National Party Conventions, Paul T. David, Ralph M. Goldman and Richard C. Bain
Reviewed by Ralph K. Huitt

pp. 595-597

Presidential Power: The Politics of Leadership, Richard E. Neustadt
Reviewed by Lucius Wilmerding

pp. 597-599

The Truman-McArthur Controversy and the Korean War, John W. Spanier
Reviewed by Cecil V. Crabb

pp. 599-600

The President's Cabinet: An Analysis in the Period from Wilson to Eisenhower, Richard F. Fenno, Jr.
Reviewed by Harold Stein

pp. 601-602

Parties and Politics in America, Clinton Rossiter
Reviewed by John H. Fenton

pp. 603-604

Crisis of the House Divided: An Interpretation of the Issues in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Harry V. Jaffa
Reviewed by Edwin C. Rozwenc

pp. 604-606

Early American Policy: Six Columbia Contributors, R. G. Tugwell and Joseph Dorfman
Reviewed by Lewis H. Kimmel

pp. 606-608

Government Promotion of American Canals and Railroads, 1800-1890, Carter Goodrich
Reviewed by Harry N. Scheiber

pp. 608-610

The Roosevelt Revolution, Mario Einaudi
Reviewed by James P. Shenton

pp. 610-611

The American Science of Politics: Its Origins and Conditions, Bernard Crick

pp. 612-614

Arms and Politics in Latin America, Edwin Lieuwen
Reviewed by Ronald M. Schneider

pp. 615-616

The May Fourth Movement: Intellectual Revolution in Modern China, Chow Tse-Tsung
Reviewed by Harriet C. Mills

pp. 617-618

Studies on the Population of China, 1368-1953, Ping-Ti Ho ; Population and Progress in the Far East, Warren S. Thompson
Reviewed by Leo A. Orleans

pp. 619-621

The Dragon's Seed: Peking and the Overseas Chinese, Robert S. Elegant
Reviewed by George O. Totten

pp. 621-622

The Agrarian Origins of Modern Japan, Thomas C. Smith
Reviewed by Warren S. Hunsberger

pp. 622-624

Controls for Outer Space and the Antarctic Analogy, Philip C. Jessup and Howard J. Taubenfeld
Reviewed by C. Wilfred Jenks

pp. 624-627

The Modern Law of Land Warfare, Morris Greenspan
Reviewed by Monroe Leigh

pp. 627-629

Government, Law, and Courts in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Vladimir Gsovski and Kazimierz Grzybowski
Reviewed by Isaac Shapiro

pp. 629-630

International Financial Transactions and Business Cycles, Oskar Morgenstern
Reviewed by Peter B. Kenen

pp. 631-633

Royalist Conspiracy in England, 1649-1660, David Underdown
Reviewed by Willson H. Coates

pp. 633-634

Nicholas Biddle: Nationalist and Public Banker, 1786-1844, Thomas Payne Govan
Reviewed by Irwin Unger

pp. 635-636

The Future as History, Robert L. Heilbroner
Reviewed by Sidney A. Burrell

pp. 636-637

The Professional Soldier: A Social and Political Portrait, Morris Janowitz
Reviewed by Amitai Etzioni

pp. 638-640

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