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Volume 68 - Number 4 - December 1953

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Teeming Asia and the West
Eugene M. Kulischer

pp. 481-491

Human Nature in American Thought: Retreat from Reason in the Age of Science
Merle Curti

pp. 492-510

"Sovereignty" in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Countries at the Present Day
Edward McWhinney

pp. 511-525

Catholics and Peasantry in France
Gordon Wright

pp. 526-551

American Suffrage and Sir William Blackstone
Chilton Williamson

pp. 552-557

Problems of Methodology in Political Research
Avery Leiserson

pp. 558-584

The Conservative Mind from Burke to Santayana, Russell Kirk
Reviewed by Peter Gay

pp. 586-588

Economic Planning for the Peace, E. F. Penrose
Reviewed by Percy W. Bidwell

pp. 588-589

The Triumph of Science and Reason, 1660-1685, Frederick L. Nussbaum
Reviewed by Garrett Mattingly

pp. 589-591

English Historical Documents. Volume II: 1042-1189, David C. Douglas and George W. Greenaway
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 591-593

Ernest Bevin: Portrait of a Great Englishman, Francis Williams and Clement Attlee
Reviewed by R. K. Webb

pp. 593-594

Harold Laski (1893-1950): A Biographical Memoir, Kingsley Martin
Reviewed by Carroll Hawkins

pp. 594-596

The Life and Times of Sir Edwin Chadwick, S. E. Finer ; Edwin Chadwick and the Public Health Movement, 1832-1854, R. A. Lewis
Reviewed by J. B. Brebner

pp. 597-600

The Zone of Indifference, Robert Strausz-Hupé
Reviewed by Henry L. Roberts

pp. 600-601

History of the German General Staff, 1657-1945, Walter Goerlitz, Brian Battershaw and Walter Millis ; The Rommel Papers, Paul Findlay
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 601-603

The Return of Germany: A Tale of Two Countries, Norbert Muhlen
Reviewed by Lewis J. Edinger

pp. 604-605

The Impact of Russian Culture on Soviet Communism, Dinko Tomasic
Reviewed by Ernest J. Simmons

pp. 605-607

Sociology and Psychology of Communism, Jules Monnerot, Jane Degras and Richard Rees
Reviewed by Merle Fainsod

pp. 607-608

Pan-Slavism: Its History and Ideology, Hans Kohn
Reviewed by Thomas T. Hammond

pp. 608-610

Tito, Vladimir Dedijer
Reviewed by Michael B. Petrovich

pp. 610-613

Red Flag in Japan: International Communism in Action, 1919-1951, Rodger Swearingen and Paul Langer
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 613-615

The Middle East in the War: Survey of International Affairs, 1939-1946, George Kirk
Reviewed by J. C. Hurewitz

pp. 615-617

The United States and India and Pakistan, W. Norman Brown
Reviewed by Richard L. Park

pp. 617-618

Southeast Asia in the Coming World, Philip W. Thayer and William O. Douglas
Reviewed by Werner Levi

pp. 619-620

Nationalism and Communism in East Asia, W. Macmahon Ball
Reviewed by C. Martin Wilbur

pp. 620-622

Public Administration in Burma: A Study of Development during the British Connexion, F. S. V. Donnison ; Public Administration in Malaya, S. W. Jones
Reviewed by Thomas E. Ennis

pp. 622-624

The Forging of American Socialism: Origins of the Modern Movement, Howard H. Quint
Reviewed by William E. Leuchtenburg

pp. 624-626

Who Speaks for Man?, Norman Cousins
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Chamberlain

pp. 626-627

Freedom: A New Analysis, Maurice Cranston
Reviewed by Edward R. Cain

pp. 628-629

The Future of Cities and Urban Redevelopment, Coleman Woodbury ; Urban Redevelopment: Problems and Practices, Coleman Woodbury
Reviewed by Leo Grebler

pp. 629-631

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