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Volume 72 - Number 4 - December 1957

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The Debate Over American Occupation Policy in Germany in 1944-1945
Walter L. Dorn

pp. 481-501

The Study of Corruption
Eric L. McKitrick

pp. 502-514

Industrial Democracy and the British Labor Movement
Kurt L. Shell

pp. 515-539

Secrecy in American Bureaucracy
Francis E. Rourke

pp. 540-564

Power and the Perfect State
Martin Kessler

pp. 565-577

Burr, Hamilton and the Manhattan Company: Part I: Gaining the Charter
Beatrice G. Reubens

pp. 578-607

Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy, Henry A. Kissinger
Reviewed by Walter Millis

pp. 608-610

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin: The War They Waged and the Peace They Sought, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by S. Everett Gleason

pp. 610-611

Russia in Transition and Other Essays, Isaac Deutscher
Reviewed by Samuel Hendel

pp. 611-613

Totalitarian Dictatorship and Autocracy, Carl J. Friedrich and Zbigniew K. Brzezinski ; The Soviet System of Government, John N. Hazard
Reviewed by Frederick C. Barghoorn

pp. 613-614

A History of Communism in East Asia, Malcolm Kennedy
Reviewed by Ardath W. Burks

pp. 615-616

The Chinese Economy, Solomon Adler
Reviewed by George E. Taylor

pp. 616-618

The Transfer of Power in India, V. P. Menon
Reviewed by W. Norman Brown

pp. 618-620

Christian Democracy in Western Europe, 1820-1953, Michael P. Fogarty
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 621-622

Diderot: The Testing Years, 1713-1759, Arthur M. Wilson ; Progress in the Age of Reason: The Seventeenth Century to the Present Day, R. V. Sampson
Reviewed by Peter Gay

pp. 622-624

The Holstein Papers. Vol. II: Diaries, Norman Rich and M. H. Fisher
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 625-626

The Coming Caesars, Amaury De Riencourt
Reviewed by Andrew Hacker

pp. 627-628

American Nationalism: An Interpretative Essay, Hans Kohn
Reviewed by Marvin Meyers

pp. 628-630

The American Conscience, Roger Burlingame
Reviewed by Max Savelle

pp. 630-631

Albert Gallatin: Jeffersonian Financier and Diplomat, Raymond Walters
Reviewed by George Dangerfield

pp. 632-633

The Communist Party vs. the C.I.O.: A Study in Power Politics, Max M. Kampelman
Reviewed by Howard D. Marshall

pp. 633-635

American Immigration Policy, 1924-1952, Robert A. Divine
Reviewed by Carl Wittke

pp. 635-636

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