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Volume 74 - Number 3 - September 1959

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Contingency in History
Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 321-333

Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Moral Voice in Politics
Saul K. Padover

pp. 334-350

Britain Faces Europe
Carol Edler Baumann

pp. 351-371

Schism in Australian Labor
Donald C. Gordon

pp. 372-392

British Guiana: A Case Study of British Colonial Policy
Robert D. Tomasek

pp. 393-411

Reason, Will and Weapons
Kenneth N. Waltz

pp. 412-419

Man and Crisis, Mildred Adams ; Human Condition, Hannah Arendt
Reviewed by Charles Frankel

pp. 420-422

The Foundations of Political Theory, H. R. G. Greaves
Reviewed by Steven Muller

pp. 422-425

Voltaire's Politics: The Poet as Realist, Peter Gay
Reviewed by Geoffrey Bruun

pp. 425-426

Thorstein Veblen: A Critical Reappraisal, Douglas F. Dowd
Reviewed by J. M. Clark

pp. 426-429

The Pursuit of the Millennium, Norman Cohn
Reviewed by John H. Mundy

pp. 429-430

Communism and Social Democracy, 1914-1931. Volume IV, Parts I and II of A History of Socialist Thought, G. D. H. Cole
Reviewed by Herbert A. Deane

pp. 431-433

The American Communist Party: A Critical History (1919-1957), Irving Howe and Lewis Coser
Reviewed by Hillman M. Bishop

pp. 433-435

Communism in Guatemala: 1944-1954, Ronald M. Schneider
Reviewed by Robert J. Alexander

pp. 435-437

International Politics in the Atomic Age, John H. Herz
Reviewed by Arnold Wolfers

pp. 437-438

The House of Representatives and Foreign Affairs, Holbert N. Carroll
Reviewed by Quincy Wright

pp. 439-441

The Trouble Makers: Dissent Over Foreign Policy, 1792-1939, A. J. P. Taylor ; From Bismarck to Adenauer: Aspects of German Statecraft, Gordon A. Craig
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 441-443

The German Resistance: Carl Goerdeler's Struggle Against Tyranny, Gerhard Ritter and R. T. Clark
Reviewed by Gerard Braunthal

pp. 443-445

The Commonwealth in the World, J. D. B. Miller
Reviewed by Frank H. Underhill

pp. 445-446

Survey of British Commonwealth Affairs: Problems of Wartime Co-operation and Post-War Change, 1939-1952, Nicholas Mansergh
Reviewed by Lennox A. Mills

pp. 446-449

Canadian Jurisprudence: The Civil Law and Common Law in Canada, Edward McWhinney
Reviewed by John Willis

pp. 449-451

The 1926 Referendum, Aaron Wildavsky ; The Fall of the Bruce-Page Government, Dagmar Carboch
Reviewed by Donald C. Gordon

pp. 451-452

Bankers and Pashas: International Finance and Economic Imperialism in Egypt, David S. Landes
Reviewed by Charles Issawi

pp. 453-454

Iraq, Stephen Hemsley Longrigg and Frank Stoakes ; Iraq: Its People, Its Society, Its Culture, George L. Harris ; The Reconstruction of Iraq: 1950-1957, Fahim I. Qubain
Reviewed by Charles Issawi

pp. 454-455

Syria and Lebanon under French Mandate, Stephen Hemsley Longrigg
Reviewed by Edgar J. Fisher

pp. 456-457

The Pathans, 550 B.C.--A.D. 1957, Olaf Caroe
Reviewed by I. H. Qureshi

pp. 457-459

Land Reform in Japan, R. P. Dore
Reviewed by Sidney Klein

pp. 459-461

Economic Planning in Underdeveloped Areas: Government and Business, Edward S. Mason ; The Strategy of Economic Development, Albert O. Hirschman
Reviewed by Edwin P. Reubens

pp. 461-463

Social Mobility in Industrial Society, Seymour Martin Lipset and Reinhard Bendix
Reviewed by William Miller

pp. 463-464

Labor Union Theories in America: Background and Development, Mark Perlman ; As Unions Mature: An Analysis of the Evolution of American Unionism, Richard A. Lester ; American Labor Unions and Politics, 1900-1918, Marc Karson
Reviewed by Mark W. Leiserson

pp. 465-467

The King's War, 1641-1647, C. V. Wedgwood
Reviewed by Basil D. Henning

pp. 467-469

The Making of an American Community: A Case Study of Democracy in a Frontier County, Shaw Livermore, Merle Curti, Robert Daniel, Joseph Van Hise and Margaret W. Curti
Reviewed by Chester McArthur Destler

pp. 469-470

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