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Volume 78 - Number 4 - December 1963

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GATT, The Marshall Plan, and OECD
William L. Clayton

pp. 493-503

The United Nations and Its Supporters: A Self-Examination
Louis Henkin

pp. 504-536

The Economic and Political Consequences of General DeGaulle
W. Randolph Burgess

pp. 537-547

War Comes to the Netherlands: September 1939-May 1940
Henry L. Mason

pp. 548-580

America, Britain, and the USSR in the Greek Arena, 1944-1947
Stephen G. Xydis

pp. 581-596

Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, Richard Hofstadter
Reviewed by Howard Mumford Jones

pp. 597-599

Popular Education and Democratic Thought in America, Rush Welter
Reviewed by I. L. Kandel

pp. 599-601

Changes in the Location of Manufacturing in the United States Since 1929, Victor R. Fuchs
Reviewed by Alan K. Campbell

pp. 601-603

The Other Side of the River: Red China Today, Edgar Snow
Reviewed by Howard L. Boorman

pp. 603-605

The Asian Century: A History of Modern Nationalism in Asia, K. M. Panikkar, R. T. Clark, Jan Romein and Jan Erik Romein ; Asia in the European Age, 1498-1955, Michael Edwardes
Reviewed by C. Martin Wilbur

pp. 605-609

Power and International Relations, Inis L. Claude, Jr.
Reviewed by Quincy Wright

pp. 609-613

The Long Polar Watch: Canada and the Defense of North America, Melvin Conant
Reviewed by George V. Ferguson

pp. 613-615

American Diplomacy and Emergent Patterns, Kenneth W. Thompson
Reviewed by Willard F. Barber

pp. 615-617

The Common Market Today--And Tomorrow, Michael Shanks and John Lambert
Reviewed by Emile Benoit

pp. 617-618

The Precarious Balance: Four Centuries of the European Power Struggle, Ludwig Dehio and Charles Fulman
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 618-620

On Revolution, Hannah Arendt
Reviewed by Herbert A. Deane

pp. 620-623

The Democratic Prospect, Charles Frankel
Reviewed by H. B. Mayo

pp. 624-625

Tocqueville and the Old Regime, Richard Herr ; The Social and Political Thought of Alexis de Tocqueville, Jack Lively
Reviewed by Donald J. Harvey

pp. 625-627

Anatomy of Britain, Anthony Sampson
Reviewed by James B. Christoph

pp. 627-628

Democracy and the Cost of Politics in Britain, William B. Gwyn
Reviewed by Madeline R. Robinton

pp. 628-630

Capital Punishment and British Politics: The British Movement to Abolish the Death Penalty, 1945-1957, James B. Christoph
Reviewed by Lane Davis

pp. 630-632

The Organizational Society: An Analysis and a Theory, Robert Presthus
Reviewed by Stanley H. Udy

pp. 632-634

The Emerging City: Myth and Reality, Scott Greer
Reviewed by James Marston Fitch

pp. 634-635

Revisionism: Essays on the History of Marxist Ideas, Leopold Labedz
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 636-637

The Theory, Law, and Policy of Soviet Treaties, Jan F. Triska and Robert M. Slusser
Reviewed by Edward McWhinney

pp. 637-639

Florentine Politics and Society, 1343-1378, Gene A. Brucker
Reviewed by Felix Gilbert

pp. 639-641

Studies in German Colonial History, W. O. Henderson
Reviewed by Richard Dale

pp. 641-643

African One-Party States, Gwendolen M. Carter
Reviewed by Aristide R. Zolberg

pp. 643-645

Politics, Personality, and Nation Building: Burma's Search for Identity, Lucian W. Pye ; The Union of Burma. A Study of the First Years of Independence, Hugh Tinker ; Economic Development in Burma, 1951-60, Louis J. Walinsky
Reviewed by Frank N. Trager

pp. 645-648

Economic Development and Social Change in South India, T. Scarlett Epstein ; Prospects for Indian Development, Wilfred Malenbaum ; India's Urban Future, Roy Turner

pp. 648-651

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