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Volume 80 - Number 2 - June 1965

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A Theoretical Model of Economic Nationalism in New and Developing States
Harry G. Johnson

pp. 169-185

Politics, Theater, and the East-West Struggle: The Theater as a Cultural Bridge in West Berlin, 1948-61
Richard L. Merritt

pp. 186-215

Adams, Burke, and Eighteenth-Century Conservatism
Randall B. Ripley

pp. 216-235

Technology and Economic Development: The Case of Hydro vs. Thermal Power
Judith D. Tendler

pp. 236-253

The Failure of the Movement by the Unemployed for Public Works in 1873
Herbert G. Gutman

pp. 254-276

Political Science: The State of the Profession--A Review Article
Austin Ranney

pp. 277-287

Federalism and Civil Rights, Burke Marshall and Robert F. Kennedy
Reviewed by Louis Lusky

pp. 288-289

The Uncertain South: Its Changing Patterns of Politics in Foreign Policy, Charles O. Lerche
Reviewed by Alexander Heard

pp. 289-291

The First New Nation: The United States in Historical and Comparative Perspective, Seymour Martin Lipset
Reviewed by George Shepperson

pp. 291-292

Power at the Pentagon, Jack Raymond
Reviewed by Arnold A. Rogow

pp. 292-294

The Two Viet-Nams: A Political and Military Analysis, Bernard B. Fall ; Southeast Asia in United States Policy, Russell H. Fifield
Reviewed by Fred R. von der Mehden

pp. 294-296

Leadership in Communist China, John Wilson Lewis
Reviewed by Albert Feuerwerker

pp. 296-297

Religion and Nationalism in Southeast Asia, Fred R. von der Mehden ; U Nu of Burma, Richard Butwell
Reviewed by Rupert Emerson

pp. 297-299

A History of Japan, 1615-1867, George Sansom
Reviewed by Minoru Shinoda

pp. 299-300

The Atlas of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, D. P. Bickmore and M. A. Shaw
Reviewed by R. K. Webb

pp. 300-304

A History of Modern Germany: 1648-1840, Hajo Holborn
Reviewed by Geoffrey Barraclough

pp. 304-306

The Holstein Papers. Volume IV: Correspondence, 1897-1909, Norman Rich and M. H. Fisher
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 306-307

The Party of Humanity. Essays in the French Enlightenment, Peter Gay
Reviewed by Harvey Goldberg

pp. 307-308

De Gaulle and the French Army, Edgar J. Furniss
Reviewed by Stanley Hoffmann

pp. 309-310

Social Democracy and the St. Petersburg Labor Movement, 1885-1897, Richard Pipes
Reviewed by Jonathan Frankel

pp. 310-312

Egypt in Revolution: An Economic Analysis, Charles Issawi
Reviewed by Morroe Berger

pp. 312-314

William Lyon Mackenzie King, Volume II, 1924-1932: The Lonely Heights, H. Blair Neatby
Reviewed by Robin W. Winks

pp. 315-316

Man and His Government: An Empirical Theory of Politics, Carl Joachim Friedrich

pp. 316-319

Four Cities: A Study in Comparative Policy Making, Oliver P. Williams and Charles R. Adrian
Reviewed by Charles E. Gilbert

pp. 319-320

Legislative Partisanship, The Deviant Case of California, William Buchanan ; Party and Representation, Legislative Politics in Pennsylvania, Frank J. Sorauf
Reviewed by Duane Lockard

pp. 320-322

Conduct of the New Diplomacy, James L. McCamy
Reviewed by Henry M. Wriston

pp. 322-324

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice, Robert R. Bowie and David Galula
Reviewed by Mark S. Watson

pp. 324-325

Communism and Revolution: The Strategic Uses of Political Violence, Cyril E. Black and Thomas P. Thornton
Reviewed by Stuart R. Schram

pp. 326-328

The Abolition of War, Walter Millis and James Real
Reviewed by Paul Seabury

pp. 328-332

The Economics of American Medicine, Seymour E. Harris
Reviewed by Almont Lindsey

pp. 332-334

Price and Quantity Trends in the Foreign Trade of the United States, Robert E. Lipsey ; Studies in United States Commercial Policy, William B. Kelly
Reviewed by Robert M. Stern

pp. 334-336

Explanation in Social Science, Robert Brown
Reviewed by Terence K. Hopkins

pp. 336-337

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