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Volume 80 - Number 4 - December 1965

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Whether Party Government is Inevitable
Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr.

pp. 517-542

The French Mission of 1799-1800: Concluding Chapter in the Statecraft of John Adams
Stephen G. Kurtz

pp. 543-557

Entrepreneurship in India
Phiroze B. Medhora

pp. 558-580

Moscow and the Suez Crisis, 1956: A Reappraisal
O. M. Smolansky

pp. 581-605

Reform of Congress: David B. Truman (Ed.), The Congress and America's Future--A Discussion
Thomas H. Kuchel

pp. 606-620

America's New Policy Makers: The Scientists' Rise to Power, Donald W. Cox ; Scientists and National Policy-Making, Robert Gilpin and Christopher Wright
Reviewed by I. I. Rabi

pp. 621-623

The Journals of David E. Lilienthal. Vol. I: The TVA years, 1939-1945. Vol. II: The Atomic Energy Years, 1945-1950, Henry Steele Commager
Reviewed by Robert Bendiner

pp. 623-625

The Greenback Era: A Social and Political History of American Finance, 1865-1879, Irwin Unger
Reviewed by Anna Jacobson Schwartz

pp. 625-627

The Inquiry: American Preparations for Peace, 1917-1919, Lawrence E. Gelfand
Reviewed by Selig Adler

pp. 627-629

Dulles Over Suez: The Theory and Practice of His Diplomacy, Herman Finer
Reviewed by H. G. Nicholas

pp. 629-630

The Revolution in American Foreign Policy, William G. Carleton
Reviewed by James R. Huntley

pp. 630-633

Nominating the President: The Politics of Convention Choice, Gerald Pomper
Reviewed by Hugh A. Bone

pp. 633-634

Soldiers and Spruce: Origins of the Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen, Harold M. Hyman
Reviewed by Robert W. Kenny

pp. 634-636

The United States Balance of Payments in 1968, Walter S. Salant
Reviewed by Gardner Patterson

pp. 636-637

The English Face of Machiavelli: A Changing Interpretation, 1500-1700, Felix Raab and Hugh Trevor-Roper
Reviewed by Caroline Robbins

pp. 637-639

The Language of Politics in the Age of Wilkes and Burke, James T. Boulton
Reviewed by Stephen R. Graubard

pp. 639-640

Lord Salisbury and Foreign Policy: The Close of the Nineteenth Century, J. A. S. Grenville
Reviewed by Bernard Semmel

pp. 640-642

Ambitions and Strategies: The Struggle for the Leadership of the Liberal Party in the 1890's, Peter Stansky ; Retrenchment and Revival: A Study of the Contemporary British Liberal Party, Jorgen Scott Rasmussen
Reviewed by Barry McGill

pp. 642-644

Arthur James Balfour, Kenneth Young
Reviewed by Harry Lazer

pp. 644-646

Metternich's German Policy, Volume I: The Contest with Napoleon, 1799-1814, Enno E. Kraehe
Reviewed by R. John Rath

pp. 646-648

Europe's Road to Potsdam, Wenzel Jaksch and Kurt Glaser
Reviewed by István Deák

pp. 648-649

The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany, Guenter Lewy
Reviewed by Raul Hilberg

pp. 649-651

The Communist Foreign Trade System, Frederic L. Pryor
Reviewed by Peter Wiles

pp. 651-652

Workers Councils: A Study of Workplace Organization on Both Sides of the Iron Curtain, Adolf Sturmthal
Reviewed by Walter Galenson

pp. 653-654

The Dynamics of Communism in Eastern Europe, R. V. Burks
Reviewed by Henry Krisch

pp. 654-656

The Revolt of the Catalans: A Study in the Decline of Spain (1598-1640), J. H. Elliott
Reviewed by Orest Ranum

pp. 656-658

In Search of Wealth and Power, Yen Fu and the West, Benjamin Schwartz
Reviewed by Li Yu-ning

pp. 658-660

Federal Government in Nigeria, Eme O. Awa ; East African Unity Through Law, Thomas M. Franck ; Federalism and the New Nations of Africa, David P. Currie
Reviewed by Arthur W. Macmahon

pp. 660-663

Africans on the Land, Montague Yudelman
Reviewed by Walter A. Chudson

pp. 663-665

Pakistan: The Consolidation of a Nation, Wayne Ayres Wilcox
Reviewed by G. W. Choudhury

pp. 665-666

The Arabs and the World: Nasser's Arab Nationalist Policy, Charles D. Cremeans
Reviewed by George Lenczowski

pp. 666-668

The Wine is Bitter: The United States and Latin America, Milton S. Eisenhower ; Invisible Latin America, Samuel Shapiro ; The Organization of American States, A. J. Thomas
Reviewed by Robert J. Alexander

pp. 668-669

The International Civil Service, Georges Langrod
Reviewed by Otto Kirchheimer

pp. 669-672

Public Administration in France, F. Ridley and J. Blondel ; The Civil Service in New African States, A. L. Adu
Reviewed by Rowland Egger

pp. 672-673

Introduction a l'Histoire des Relations Intenrationales, Pierre Renouvin and Jean-Baptiste Duroselle
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 674-675

Nation-Building and Citizenship: Studies of Our Changing Social Order, Reinhard Bendix
Reviewed by T. H. Marshall

pp. 675-677

Political Modernization in Japan and Turkey, Dankwart A. Rustow and Robert E. Ward
Reviewed by James William Morley

pp. 677-679

The Planning and Execution of Economic Development, Louis J. Walinsky
Reviewed by Wolfgang F. Stolper

p. 679

The Role of Theory in International Relations, Horace V. Harrison ; Systems of Integrating the International Community, Elmer Plischke ; Europe Ascendant: The International Politics of Unification, George Liska
Reviewed by Ernst B. Haas

pp. 680-682

On Escalation: Metaphors and Scenarios, Herman Kahn
Reviewed by Louis Lusky

pp. 682-684

Preventing World War III: Some Proposals, Quincy Wright, William M. Evan and Morton Deutsch
Reviewed by Willard F. Barber

pp. 684-687

Max Weber: Werk und Person, Eduard Baumgarten
Reviewed by Ernest Manheim

pp. 687-688

The Moral and Political Philosophy of David Hume, John B. Stewart
Reviewed by R. L. Colie

pp. 688-690

The Contempt Power, Ronald L. Goldfarb
Reviewed by Robert B. McKay

pp. 690-692

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