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Volume 11 - Number 2 - June 1896

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The Progress of Federal Railway Regulation
H. T. Newcomb

pp. 201-221

Twenty-Five Years of Political Finance
Edward Cary

pp. 222-236

The Gold Reserve; Its Function and Its Maintenance
Frank Fetter

pp. 237-247

Free Coinage and Prosperity
John B. Clark

pp. 248-258

The Corporation as a Form of Colonial Government. I
Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 259-277

Four German Jurists. II
Munroe Smith

pp. 278-309

Seebohm's Tribal System in Wales
W. J. Ashley

pp. 310-321

Record of Political Events

pp. 365-395

Publications Received for Notice

p. 396

Economic History of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century, Philip Alexander Bruce
Reviewed by Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 322-326

The Building of a Nation, Henry Gannett
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 326-328

State Railroad Control, with a History of its Development in Iowa, Henry C. Adams and Frank H. Dixon
Reviewed by H. T. Newcomb

pp. 328-329

Zur Gemeindesteuerreform in Deutschland, mit Besonderer Beziehung auf Sachsische Verhaltnisse, J. Neumann ; La Progressivita dell' Imposta, Studiata sotto il Profilo Etico-Economico, Franklin de Grossi and Ferdinando Puglia
Reviewed by Max West

pp. 330-333

A Treatise on Money and Essays on Monetary Problems, J. Shield Nicholson
Reviewed by A. M. Day

pp. 333-336

Produktion und Konsumption in der Volkswirtschaft, Kuno Frankenstein and Julius Lehr
Reviewed by Frank Fetter

pp. 336-338

The Problem of the Aged Poor, Geoffrey Drage
Reviewed by Davis R. Dewey

pp. 338-339

Zur Frage der Arbeitslosen-Versicherung, George Schanz
Reviewed by Davis R. Dewey

pp. 342-345

Organisme et Societe, René Worms ; La Pathologie Sociale, René Worms and Paul de Lilienfeld ; Les Lois de l'Imitation; Etude Sociologique, G. Tarde ; La Logique Sociale, G. Tarde ; De la Division du Travail Social, Émile Durkheim ; Les Regles de la Methode Sociologique, Émile Durkheim ; Psychologie des Foules, Gustave Le Bon ; Le Transformisme Social, Guillaume de Greef ; La Cite Moderne; Metaphysique de la Sociologie, Jean Izoulet ; Les Sciences Sociales en Allemagne; les Methodes Actuelles, C. Bouglé
Reviewed by F. H. Giddings

pp. 346-352

Traite de la Juridiction Administrative et des Recours Contentieux, E. Laferrière
Reviewed by F. J. Goodnow

pp. 352-355

The Constitution of the United States at the End of the First Century, George S. Boutwell ; Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, Historical and Juridical, Roger Foster
Reviewed by J. W. Burgess

pp. 355-359

Reconstruction during the Civil War in the United States of America, Eben Greenough Scott
Reviewed by Albert Bushnell Hart

pp. 359-361

The Origin and History of Contract in Roman Law down to the End of the Republican Period, W. H. Buckler
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 361-364

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