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Volume 25 - Number 4 - December 1910


The Legislative Power of Congress Under the Judicial Article of the Constitution
Frank J. Goodnow

pp. 577-608

The Mortgage Recording Tax
Clement F. Robinson

pp. 609-624

Agrarian Changes in the Middle West
Joseph B. Ross

pp. 625-637

A Neglected Factor in Race Suicide
Charles Franklin Emerick

pp. 638-655

Radical Democracy in France. IV

pp. 656-672

The Reconstruction of Korea
Edwin Maxey

pp. 673-687

The Promise of American Life
Royal Meeker

pp. 688-699

Record of Political Events
C. H. Hayes, E. M. Sait

pp. 727-760

Gold Prices and Wages under the Greenback Standard, Wesley C. Mitchell
Reviewed by Joseph French Johnson

pp. 700-702

Die Indische Wahrungsreform, Otto Heyn ; Die Indische Wahrungsreform seit 1893, M. Bothe
Reviewed by E. W. Kemmerer

pp. 703-708

Die Fugger in Rom, 1495-1523, Aloys Schulte
Reviewed by Edwin F. Gay

pp. 708-710

Money and Banking, Joseph French Johnson and Earl D. Howard ; Corporation Finance, William Lough ; Economics of Business, Edward S. Meade ; Organization, Correspondence, Transportation, James Mavor, Lee Galloway and George B. Hotchkiss ; Accounting Theory and Practice, Leo Greedlinger ; Banking Practice and Foreign Exchange, Franklin Escher
Reviewed by Eugene E. Agger

pp. 711-719

Manuel d'Economique, Adolphe Landry
Reviewed by Alvin S. Johnson

pp. 719-721

Second Chambers. An Inductive Study in Political Science, J. A. R. Marriott
Reviewed by Charles A. Beard

pp. 721-723

Ancient and Modern Imperialism, Earl of Cromer
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 723-725

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