Demetrios James Caraley
Barnard College, Columbia University

Marylena Mantas

Vinod K. Aggarwal
University of California, Berkeley

Robert J. Art
Brandeis University

Andrew J. Bacevich
Boston University

Nancy Bermeo
Oxford University

Joseph M. Bessette
Claremont McKenna College

Meena Bose
Hofstra University

Daniel L. Byman
Georgetown University

Daniel Carpenter
Harvard University

Juan R. Cole
University of Michigan

Rodolfo O. de la Garza
Columbia University

Jorge I. Domínguez
Harvard University

Michael Dorf
Cornell University

John Echeverri-Gent
University of Virginia

F. Gregory Gause
University of Vermont

Doris A. Graber
University of Illinois at Chicago

Fred I. Greenstein
Princeton University

Akira Iriye
Harvard University

Gary C. Jacobson
University of California, San Diego

Bruce Jentleson
Duke University

Robert Jervis
Columbia University

David C. Kang
University of Southern California

Mark Kramer
Harvard University

Walter LaFeber
Cornell University

Terry Moe
Stanford University

Patricia Moy
University of Washington

Andrew J. Nathan
Columbia University

William B. Quandt
University of Virginia

Wilbur C. Rich
Wellesley College

David W. Rohde
Duke University

Andrew Scobell
RAND Corporation

Robert Y. Shapiro
Columbia University

Rogers M. Smith
University of Pennsylvania

Geoffrey R. Stone
University of Chicago

James J. Wirtz
Naval Postgraduate School

M. Crawford Young
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

Zionism, the Jewish State, and an Israeli–Palestinian Settlement: An Opinion Piece Jerome Slater critically examines the case for the continuation of Zionism and for Israel to remain a Jewish state. He argues that while much of the Zionist argument is unconvincing, “liberal Zionism” is still defensible.


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