Continuing Issues in U.S. National Security Policy

2016 · 248 Pages

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This book is one of a series of publications released by the Academy of Political Science on timely subjects of special importance in the fields of public and international affairs. Continuing Issues in U.S. National Security Policy brings together essays that explore topics of central and ongoing importance to American foreign policy. [A]n overview discuss[es] the intersection between the presidency and foreign policy issues, and how the selected essays can inform our understanding of critical foreign policy mistakes and opportunities. 



Publisher’s Preface
Demetrios James Caraley

Introduction: Presidents and Foreign Policy
Robert Jervis

Will More Countries Become Democratic?
Samuel P. Huntington

Limits of American Power
Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Understanding the Bush Doctrine: Preventive Wars and Regime Change
Robert Jervis

Globalization as a Security Strategy: Power and Vulnerability in the “China Model”
Andrew J. Nathan and Andrew Scobell

Creating a Disaster: NATO’s Open Door Policy
Robert J. Art

The Role of Villain: Iran and U.S. Foreign Policy
Paul R. Pillar

Pakistani Opposition to American Drone Strikes
C. Christine Fair, Karl Kaltenthaler, and William J. Miller

The Rationality of Radical Islam
Quintan Wiktorowicz and Karl Kaltenthaler

The Soft Underbelly of American Primacy: Tactical Advantages of Terror
Richard K. Betts



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Continuing Issues in U.S. National Security Policy   CONTINUING ISSUES IN U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY POLICY

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