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Volume 133 - Number 4 - Winter 2018-19

Nothing on the Floor: Congress, the Territorial Delegates, and Political Representation
JONATHAN LEWALLEN and Bartholomew H. Sparrow examine the legislative activities of the congressional delegates representing the U.S. territories and the District of Columbia. They argue that even though delegates attract fewer cosponsors to their legislation than other House members and are not appointed to the most prestigious committees, their behavior across several indicators does not differ from that of the average House member.

Volume 133 - Number 3 - Fall 2018

The De-Institutionalization of Congress
ANTHONY J. CHERGOSKY and Jason M. Roberts argue that institutional changes in the United States Congress have eroded its capacity to enact laws and perform its essential duties. They maintain that the poor performance of Congress in recent years has resulted from these structural reforms which may not be permanent, but are difficult to reverse.


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: Homelessness in New York City: Policymaking from Koch to de Blasio
Daniel Herman


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: A Third Term for FDR: The Election of 1940
Emile Lester


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: An Extraordinary Time: The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy
Gabriel Mathy


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: Opting Out of Congress: Partisan Polarization and the Decline of Moderate Candidates


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: The New Americans? Immigration, Protest, and the Politics of Latino Identity
Angel Saavedra Cisneros


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: Dismantling Solidarity: Capitalist Politics and American Pensions since the New Deal
Carolyn Abott


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: The Dual Executive: Unilateral Orders in a Separated and Shared Power System
Jacob R. Neiheisel


Volume 133 - Number 2 - Summer 2018

Review: Free Speech Beyond Words: The Surprising Reach of the First Amendment ,The Taming of Free Speech: America's Civil Liberties Compromise
Ronald K.L. Collins

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