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Volume 42 - Number 4 - December 1927

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Some Tendencies in Criminal Law Administration
Raymond Moley

pp. 497-523

A Working Theory of Sovereignty I
John Dickinson

pp. 524-548

The Enforcement of Housing Legislation
James Ford

pp. 549-560

Federalism and Foreign Relations in China
Harold S. Quigley

pp. 561-570

International Legislation
Frederick Sherwood Dunn

pp. 571-588

Machiavelli and Tudor England
L. Arnold Weissberger

pp. 589-607

Political and Industrial Democracy, 1776-1926, W. Jett Lauck
Reviewed by Henry R. Seager

pp. 608-610

The Labor Problem in the United States and Great Britain, Warren B. Catlin
Reviewed by John R. Commons

pp. 611-613

The Writing of History, Wilbur Cortez Abbott, Jean Jules Jusserand, Charles W. Colby and John Spencer Bassett
Reviewed by Fred Morrow Fling

pp. 613-617

Wealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt, Frederick Soddy
Reviewed by James W. Angell

pp. 621-624

The Philippines, a Treasure and a Problem, Nicholas Roosevelt
Reviewed by George Matthew Dutcher

pp. 624-626

Loyalism in Virginia. Chapters in the Economic History of the Revolution, Isaac Samuel Harrell
Reviewed by E. M. Coulter

pp. 627-629

The Racial Basis of Civilization, A Critique of the Nordic Doctrine, Frank H. Hankins
Reviewed by T. P. Peardon

pp. 629-631

Ireland, Stephen Gwynn
Reviewed by Constantine E. McGuire

pp. 631-633

Pan-Europe, Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi
Reviewed by Quincy Wright

pp. 633-636

Practice of Municipal Administration, Lent D. Upson
Reviewed by William B. Munro

pp. 636-638

Individual Liberty, Benjamin R. Tucker
Reviewed by Raymond A. Preston

pp. 641-642

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