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Volume 70 - Number 1 - March 1955

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The Anti-Colonial Policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt
Foster Rhea Dulles, Gerald E. Ridinger

pp. 1-18

Strategic Factors in Economic Growth: A Social Science View
Shepard B. Clough

pp. 19-27

Some Controversial Aspects of the Public Corporation
Lucile Sheppard Keyes

pp. 28-56

Jugoslav Elections: Democracy in Small Doses
Thomas T. Hammond

pp. 57-74

Peasant Politics in the Third French Republic
Gordon Wright

pp. 75-86

The General Ideology of American Small Business
John H. Bunzel

pp. 87-102

A Note on Communists and Strikes in Australia
James W. Kuhn

pp. 103-106

A Study of History. Vols. VII, VIII, IX, X, Arnold J. Toynbee
Reviewed by George Catlin

pp. 107-112

The Struggle for Mastery in Europe, 1848-1918. Vol. II of Oxford History of Modern Europe, A. J. P. Taylor
Reviewed by Fritz Stern

pp. 112-115

German History: Some New German Views, Hans Kohn

pp. 115-117

Kronprinz Wilhelm: Seine Rolle in der Deutschen Politik, Paul Herre
Reviewed by F. Gunther Eyck

pp. 117-119

Geschichte des Alldeutschen Verbandes 1890-1939, Alfred Kruck, Joseph Lortz and Martin Gohring
Reviewed by Francis L. Loewenheim

pp. 119-121

Ambassadors and Secret Agents: The Diplomacy of the First Earl of Malmesbury at the Hague, Alfred Cobban
Reviewed by Kenneth W. Thompson

pp. 121-123

The Commons in the Parliament of 1422: English Society and Parliamentary Representation under the Lancastrians, J. S. Roskell
Reviewed by Faith Thompson

pp. 123-125

William III and the Respectable Revolution, Lucile Pinkham
Reviewed by Caroline Robbins

pp. 125-126

Cavour and Garibaldi, 1860: A Study in Political Conflict, D. Mack Smith
Reviewed by Kent Roberts Greenfield

pp. 126-128

Tito's Promised Land: Yugoslavia, Alex N. Dragnich
Reviewed by J. B. Hoptner

pp. 128-129

The Soviet Regime: Communism in Practice, W. W. Kulski
Reviewed by Charles B. McLane

pp. 129-131

Realities of American Foreign Policy, George F. Kennan
Reviewed by Philip C. Jessup

pp. 131-133

The United States in a Changing World: An Historical Analysis of American Foreign Policy, James P. Warburg
Reviewed by Henry F. Graff

pp. 133-134

Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace: A Critical Examination of the Foreign Policy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Its Aftermath, Harry Elmer Barnes
Reviewed by Julius W. Pratt

pp. 135-137

Power and Policy: US Foreign Policy and Military Power in the Hydrogen Age, Thomas K. Finletter
Reviewed by Henry F. Graff

pp. 137-138

Justice William Johnson, the First Dissenter: The Career and Constitutional Philosophy of a Jeffersonian Judge, Donald G. Morgan
Reviewed by Edward Dumbauld

pp. 138-140

North Carolina: The History of a Southern State, Hugh Talmage Lefler and Albert Ray Newsome
Reviewed by John Hope Franklin

pp. 140-141

The Negro and the Schools, Harry S. Ashmore and Owen J. Roberts
Reviewed by S. G. Brinkley

pp. 141-143

India and Pakistan: A Continent Decides, Lord Birdwood
Reviewed by Norman D. Palmer

pp. 143-145

Red Design for the American-Guatemalan Prelude, Daniel James
Reviewed by Robert J. Alexander

pp. 145-147

Bolivia: A Land Divided, Harold Osborne ; Colombia: A General Survey, W. O. Galbraith ; Ecuador: Country of Contrasts, Lilo Linke ; Paraguay: A Riverside Nation, George Pendle
Reviewed by Martin B. Travis

pp. 147-149

American Business Corporations until 1860: With Special Reference to Massachusetts, Edwin Merrick Dodd
Reviewed by Shaw Livermore

pp. 150-152

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