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Volume 77 - Number 3 - September 1962

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In Memoriam: Leo Wolman, 1890-1961

p. 0

The Philippine Claim to North Borneo
Martin Meadows

pp. 321-335

Reflections on the French Resistance (1940-1944)
Gordon Wright

pp. 336-349

The Renunciation of War in the Japanese Constitution
Theodore McNelly

pp. 350-378

On the Dangers of Copying from the British
Martin Needler

pp. 379-396

The Rate-Making Power of the State in the Canal Era: A Case Study
Harry N. Scheiber

pp. 397-413

Six Crises, Richard M. Nixon
Reviewed by Alexander Heard

pp. 414-415

German Catholics and Hitler's Wars: A Study in Social Control, Gordon C. Zahn
Reviewed by John H. Herz

pp. 415-417

The Sino-Soviet Dispute, G. F. Hudson, Richard Lowenthal and Roderick MacFarquhar ; The Sino-Soviet Conflict 1956-1961, Donald S. Zagoria
Reviewed by William E. Griffith

pp. 417-419

Unity and Contradiction: Major Aspects of Sino-Soviet Relations, Kurt London
Reviewed by Charles B. McLane

pp. 419-421

NATO: The Entangling Alliance, Robert Endicott Osgood
Reviewed by Annette Baker Fox

pp. 421-423

Deterrance and Defense: Toward a Theory of National Security, Glenn H. Snyder
Reviewed by Morton H. Halperin

pp. 423-424

What Price Coexistence? A Policy for the Western Alliance, John Slessor
Reviewed by Victor Basiuk

pp. 425-426

The Conduct of War: 1789-1961, J. F. C. Fuller
Reviewed by Andrew M. Scott

pp. 426-428

Four Studies of War and Peace in this Country, W. K. Hancock
Reviewed by Theodore Ropp

pp. 428-429

The Administration of British Foreign Relations, Donald G. Bishop
Reviewed by D. N. Chester

pp. 429-430

The Structure of American Federalism, M. J. C. Vile ; Essays in Federalism, William S. Stokes, Martin Diamond, H. F. McClelland and Procter Thomson
Reviewed by William G. Carleton

pp. 430-433

The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, Harold C. Syrett and Jacob E. Cooke
Reviewed by Robert E. Brown

pp. 433-435

United States Fiscal Policy 1945-1959: Its Contribution to Economic Stability, A. E. Holmans
Reviewed by James R. Schlesinger

pp. 435-437

Origins of the TVA: The Muscle Shoals Controversy, 1920-1932, Preston J. Hubbard
Reviewed by J. B. Shannon

pp. 437-439

Dixon-Yates: A Study in Power Politics, Aaron Wildavsky
Reviewed by Demetrios Caraley

pp. 439-440

The Story of Fabian Socialism, Margaret Cole
Reviewed by Philip P. Poirier

pp. 440-442

Heavens Below: Utopian Experiments in England, 1560-1960, W. H. G. Armytage

pp. 442-444

Nationalized Industry and Public Ownership, William Robson
Reviewed by Alexander Brady

pp. 444-445

The British Cabinet, John P. Mackintosh
Reviewed by James B. Christoph

pp. 445-447

The Prophets of Paris, Frank E. Manuel
Reviewed by Donald J. Harvey

pp. 447-449

The Life of Jean Jaures, Harvey Goldberg
Reviewed by Shirley Jeanne Lehmann

pp. 449-451

The Unfinished Revolution: An Essay on the Sources of Influence of Marxism and Communism, Adam B. Ulam
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 451-453

South African Predicament: The Economics of Apartheid, F. P. Spooner
Reviewed by Gwendolen M. Carter

pp. 455-457

Africa and the West: Elements of a Free World Policy, Arnold Rivkin
Reviewed by Ruth Schachter Morgenthau

pp. 457-459

The Colonial Reckoning: The End of Imperial Rule in Africa in the Light of British Experience, Margery Perham
Reviewed by Rupert Emerson

pp. 459-461

Colombia: A Contemporary Political Survey, John D. Martz
Reviewed by Lyman H. Legters

pp. 461-462

Brazil: The Infinite Country, William Lytle Schurz
Reviewed by Charles Wagley

pp. 462-464

The Children of Sanchez: Autobiography of a Mexican Family, Oscar Lewis
Reviewed by N. L. Whetten

pp. 464-466

The Mandarins: The Circulation of Elites in China, 1600-1900, Robert M. Marsh ; To Change a Nation: Propaganda and Indoctrination in Communist China, Franklin W. Houn
Reviewed by William Henderson

pp. 466-467

The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West, 1763-1766 (Vol. X of the British Empire before the American Revolution), Lawrence Henry Gipson
Reviewed by Charles F. Mullett

pp. 468-469

The Holstein Papers. Vol. I, Memoirs and Political Observations (1955), Vol. II Diaries (1957), Vol. III, Correspondence, 1861-1896 (1961), Norman Rich and M. H. Fisher
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 469-472

The Transformation of the School: Progressivism in American Education, 1876-1957, Lawrence A. Cremin
Reviewed by Carlton C. Qualey

pp. 472-473

The Price of Prosperity, Peter L. Bernstein
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 473-475

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