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Volume 86 - Number 1 - March 1971

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The Dominican Intervention Reconsidered
Theodore Draper

pp. 1-36

Lawmaking for Peace: The Farther Shore
Louis Lusky

pp. 37-56

The Intellectual Origins of Mid-Victorian Stability
Trygve R. Tholfsen

pp. 57-91

Civil Disobedience and Organizational Change: The British Committee of 100
Frank E. Myers

pp. 92-112

The Idea of a Party System: The Rise of Legitimate Opposition in the United States, 1780-1840, Richard Hofstadter
Reviewed by Walter Hugins

pp. 113-114

The Birth of the Nation: A Portrait of the American People on the Eve of Independence, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Reviewed by Jackson T. Main

pp. 114-116

The Age of Industrialism in America: Essays in Social Structure and Cultural Values, Frederic Cople Jaher
Reviewed by Edward C. Kirkland

pp. 116-117

Intellectual Origins of American Radicalism, Staughton Lynd ; Towards a New Past: Dissenting Essays in American History, Barton J. Bernstein
Reviewed by Donald Meyer

pp. 117-119

American Imperialism: A Speculative Essay, Ernest R. May
Reviewed by Alexander DeConde

pp. 119-121

When Workers Organize: New York City in the Progressive Era, Melvyn Dubofsky
Reviewed by Henry F. Bedford

pp. 121-122

The Hawks of World War II, Mark Lincoln Chadwin
Reviewed by Manfred Jonas

pp. 122-123

United States Oil Policy, 1890-1964: Business and Government in Twentieth Century America, Gerald D. Nash
Reviewed by Arthur M. Johnson

pp. 123-125

Majority Party Leadership in Congress, Randall B. Ripley
Reviewed by Richard Bolling

pp. 125-126

The Modernization of Puerto Rico: A Political Study of Changing Values and Institutions, Henry Wells
Reviewed by Rafael Hernandez Colon

pp. 126-128

The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1914: The Diplomacy of Anglo-American Conflict, Peter Calvert
Reviewed by Arthur P. Whitaker

pp. 128-129

Britain and the Onset of Modernization in Brazil, 1850-1914, Richard Graham
Reviewed by E. Bradford Burns

pp. 130-131

John Locke: Problems and Perspectives, A Collection of New Essays, John W. Yolton
Reviewed by Maurice Cranston

pp. 131-132

The Liberal Politics of John Locke, M. Seliger
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 132-133

Bolingbroke and His Circle: The Politics of Nostalgia in the Age of Walpole, Isaac Kramnick
Reviewed by Caroline Robbins

pp. 133-134

The Aberdeen Coalition, 1852-1855: A Study in Mid-Nineteenth Century Party Politics, J. B. Conacher
Reviewed by Barry McGill

pp. 135-136

The Political Thought of Lord Salisbury, 1854-68, Michael Pinto-Duschinsky
Reviewed by Bernard Semmel

pp. 136-137

The Last Liberal Governments: The Promised Land, 1905-1910, Peter Rowland ; Land Fit for Heroes: The Planning of British Reconstruction, 1916-1919, Paul Barton Johnson
Reviewed by George Dangerfield

pp. 138-139

Middle Class Radicalism: The Social Bases of the British Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Frank Parkin
Reviewed by Joseph Gusfield

pp. 140-141

Britain's Economic Prospects, Richard E. Caves
Reviewed by Thomas Balogh

pp. 142-144

The Mackenzie King Record, Volume 2: 1944-1945, J. W. Pickersgill and D. F. Forster
Reviewed by Robin W. Winks

pp. 144-145

The French Enlightenment and the Jews, Arthur Hertzberg
Reviewed by Robert F. Byrnes

pp. 145-146

Venice and the Defense of Republican Liberty: Renaissance Values in the Age of the Counter Reformation, William J. Bouwsma
Reviewed by Frederic C. Lane

pp. 146-148

Tagebuch, 1907-1922, Walther Rathenau and Hartmut Pogge von Strandmann
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 148-149

Design for Total War: Arms and Economics in the Third Reich, Bernice A. Carroll
Reviewed by Arthur Schweitzer

pp. 149-151

The Nazis in the Balkans, Dietrich Orlow
Reviewed by Vojtech Mastny

pp. 151-152

The Unbound Prometheus: Technological Change and Industrial Development in Western Europe from 1750 to the Present, David S. Landes
Reviewed by W. H. B. Court

pp. 152-154

The Problem of Restoration: A Study in Comparative Political History, Robert A. Kann
Reviewed by G. Barraclough

pp. 154-155

The New Nationalism, Louis L. Snyder
Reviewed by Feliks Gross

pp. 155-157

China in Revolution: The First Phase, 1901-1913, Mary Clabaugh
Reviewed by C. Martin Wilbur

pp. 157-159

Sun Yat-sen and the Origins of the Chinese Revolution, Harold Z. Schiffrin
Reviewed by A. Feuerwerker

pp. 160-161

The Myth of Independence, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
Reviewed by Wayne Wilcox

pp. 161-162

Egypt Since the Revolution, P. J. Vatikiotis
Reviewed by Morroe Berger

pp. 163-165

The Origins of Modern African Thought: Its Development in West Africa During the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Robert W. July ; Political Leadership in Africa: Post-Independence Generational Conflict Upper Volta, Senegal, Niger, Dahomey, and the Central African Republic, Victor T. Le Vine
Reviewed by Ali A. Mazrui

pp. 165-167

The Role of Labor in African Nation-Building, Willard A. Beling
Reviewed by Elliot J. Berg

pp. 167-168

Political Order in Changing Societies, Samuel P. Huntington
Reviewed by Reinhard Bendix

pp. 168-170

Totalitarian Rule: Its Nature and Characteristics, Hans Buchheim, Kurt B. Tauber and Ruth Hein
Reviewed by C. J. Friedrich

pp. 170-171

Education and Poverty, Thomas I. Ribich
Reviewed by Barry R. Chiswick

pp. 171-173

Metropolitan Area Schools: Resistance to District Reorganization, Amos H. Hawley and Basil G. Zimmer ; 110 Livingston Street: Politics and Bureaucracy in the New York City Schools, David Rogers
Reviewed by Raymond W. Mack

pp. 173-174

Social Welfare in the Soviet Union, Bernice Q. Madison
Reviewed by Eveline M. Burns

pp. 174-176

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