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Volume 90 - Number 3 - Fall 1975

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Insulation and Responsiveness in Congressional Elections
Walter Dean Burnham

pp. 411-435

Oil and the Decline of Western Power
Edward Friedland, Paul Seabury, Aaron Wildavsky

pp. 437-450

American Statecraft and the 1946 Black Sea Straits Controversy
Jonathan Knight

pp. 451-475

Watergate and Children's Attitudes toward Political Authority Revisited
F. Christopher Arterton

pp. 477-496

Protest Politics in the Israeli Democracy
Eva Etzioni-Halevy

pp. 497-520

Robert Moses: Charismatic Bureaucrat
Herbert Kaufman

pp. 521-538


pp. 615-616

Holding the Line: The Eisenhower Era, 1952-1961, Charles C. Alexander
Reviewed by Gary W. Reichard

pp. 539-540

The Power of the Modern Presidency, Erwin C. Hargrove
Reviewed by William M. Goldsmith

pp. 540-542

Still a Dream: The Changing Status of Blacks Since 1960, Sar A. Levitan, William B. Johnston and Robert Taggart
Reviewed by Robert S. Browne

pp. 542-544

The Strategy of Social Protest, William A. Gamson
Reviewed by Gerald Finch

pp. 544-546

In Search of American Foreign Policy: The Humane Use of Power, Lincoln P. Bloomfield
Reviewed by H. Bradford Westerfield

pp. 546-548

The Polaris System Development: Bureaucratic and Programmatic Success in Government, Harvey M. Sapolsky ; The Future of the Sea-Based Deterrent, Kosta Tsipis, Anne H. Cahn and Bernard T. Field
Reviewed by Sanford A. Lakoff

pp. 548-550

The United States and West Germany, 1945-1973: A Study in Alliance Politics, Roger Morgan
Reviewed by John Gimbel

pp. 550-551

East Asia and U. S. Security, Ralph N. Clough
Reviewed by John K. Emmerson

pp. 552-553

Meeting at Potsdam, Charles L. Mee
Reviewed by Barton J. Bernstein

pp. 553-555

Turkey, the Straits and U. S. Policy, Harry N. Howard
Reviewed by Stephen G. Xydis

pp. 555-556

Too Proud to Fight: Woodrow Wilson's Neutrality, Patrick Devlin
Reviewed by John M. Mulder

pp. 556-557

Judge Learned Hand and the Role of the Federal Judiciary, Kathryn Griffith
Reviewed by Henry J. Abraham

pp. 558-559

Between State and Nation: Regional Organizations of the United States, Martha Derthick and Gary Bombardier
Reviewed by William S. Livingston

pp. 559-560

The Political South in the Twentieth Century, Monroe Lee Billington
Reviewed by J. Morgan Kousser

pp. 561-562

Populism and Politics: William Alfred Peffer and the People's Party, Peter H. Argersinger
Reviewed by Stanley B. Parsons

pp. 563-564

Blue Collar Community, William Kornblum
Reviewed by Beth E. Vanfossen

pp. 564-566

Peasants and Strangers: Italians, Rumanians, and Slovaks in an American City, 1890-1950, Josef J. Barton
Reviewed by S. J. Makielski

pp. 566-567

The Women's Movement: Political, Socioeconomic, and Psychological Issues, Barbara Sinclair Deckard
Reviewed by Jessie Bernard

pp. 567-568

Ethnicity: Theory and Experience, Nathan Glazer and Daniel P. Moynihan
Reviewed by Edgar Litt

pp. 569-570

The Political Character of Adolescence: The Influence of Families and Schools, M. Kent Jennings and Richard G. Niemi
Reviewed by Betty Glad

pp. 571-572

Public Policy and Urban Crime, Yong Hyo Cho
Reviewed by James P. Gifford

pp. 573-574

The Death of the Law, Lois G. Forer
Reviewed by Harold A. Stevens

pp. 574-575

Welfare Medicine in America: A Case Study of Medicaid, Rosemary Stevens and Robert Stevens
Reviewed by Stephen David

pp. 575-576

Social Experimentation: A Method for Planning and Evaluating Social Intervention, Henry W. Riecken and Robert F. Boruch
Reviewed by Bernard Barber

pp. 577-578

Energy Politics, David H. Davis
Reviewed by Allen L. Hammond

pp. 578-580

Multinational Oil: A Study in Industrial Dynamics, Neil H. Jacoby

pp. 580-581

The World Between the Wars, 1919-1939--An Economist's View, Joseph S. Davis
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 581-583

Problems of a World Monetary Order, Gerald M. Meier
Reviewed by Edwin M. Truman

pp. 583-584

The Welfare State and Equality: Structural and Ideological Roots of Public Expenditures, Harold L. Wilensky
Reviewed by Timothy A. Tilton

pp. 584-586

Jefferson, Nationalism, and the Enlightenment, Henry Steele Commager
Reviewed by Judith Pulley

pp. 586-587

A Compromise of Principle: Congressional Republicans and Reconstruction, 1863-1869, Michael Les Benedict
Reviewed by James M. McPherson

pp. 587-589

Decisions and Revisions: Interpretations of Twentieth-Century American History, Jean Christie and Leonard Dinnerstein
Reviewed by William H. Chafe

pp. 589-591

Who Killed the British Empire? An Inquest, George Woodcock
Reviewed by Graham W. Irwin

pp. 591-592

Edwardian Radicalism, 1900-1914: Some Aspects of British Radicalism, A. J. A. Morris
Reviewed by Bentley B. Gilbert

pp. 592-594

Local Government Reform in England, Jack Brand
Reviewed by Frank Smallwood

pp. 594-595

French Communism 1920-1972, Ronald Tiersky ; The French against the French: Collaboration and Resistance, Milton Dank
Reviewed by Marianna P. Sullivan

pp. 596-597

The United States and Chile: Imperialism and the Overthrow of the Allende Government, James Petras and Morris Morley
Reviewed by Richard Fagen

pp. 598-599

Japan: The Fragile Superpower, Frank Gibney
Reviewed by Shumpei Okamoto

pp. 599-600

Palace and Politics in Prewar Japan, David Anson Titus
Reviewed by Nathaniel B. Thayer

pp. 600-602

Liu Shao-ch'i and the Chinese Cultural Revolution: The Politics of Mass Criticism, Lowell Dittmer ; Maoism in Action: The Cultural Revolution, C. L. Chiou ; The Origins of the Cultural Revolution, 1: Contradictions among the People, 1956-1957, Roderick MacFarquhar
Reviewed by Joel Glassman

pp. 602-605

Indonesian Communism under Sukarno: Ideology and Politics 1959-1965, Rex Mortimer
Reviewed by Margaret Clark

pp. 606-607

Urban Politics in Nigeria: A Study of Port Harcourt, Howard Wolpe

pp. 607-608

The Press as Opposition: The Political Role of South African Newspapers, Elaine Potter
Reviewed by John Stone

pp. 609-610

Redistribution with Growth: Policies to Improve Income Distribution in Developing Countries in the Context of Economic Growth, Richard Jolly, Hollis Chenery, Montek S. Ahluwalia, C. L. G. Bell and John H. Duloy
Reviewed by Philip Musgrove

pp. 610-611

Clean Air: The Policies and Politics of Pollution Control, Charles O. Jones
Reviewed by Laura M. Lake

pp. 612-613

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