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Volume 97 - Number 3 - Fall 1982

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Congress and Budget-Making
Robert W. Hartman analyzes the evolving federal budget process as it faces very stiff tests. He also discusses proposed reforms including modifications of budget reconciliation and a balanced budget amendment.

pp. 381-402

Right-Wing Religion: Christian Conservatism as a Political Movement
Michael Lienesch examines the rise of the contemporary religious right as a political movement. He concludes that social scientists have misinterpreted the Christian conservative movement and underestimate its long-term potential.

pp. 403-425

Bureaucratic Discretion and the National Health Service Corps
Frank J. Thompson draws on the experience of the National Health Service Corps to show how vague laws and limited oversight can at times foster the benign evolution of public programs. He specifies some conditions under which greater bureaucratic discretion can yield positive program developments.

pp. 427-445

From Colony to Territory: Changing Concepts of Statehood in Revolutionary America
Peter S. Onuf investigates state sovereignty in the American revolutionary era, He suggests that a crucial redefinition of statehood preceded and facilitated the creation of a more powerful union under the Federal Constitution.

pp. 447-459

Ethnicity and Politics in Ghana
Naomi Chazan examines the politicization of ethnicity, the uses of ethnicity in political conflicts, and the conversion of ethnicity into power in Ghana. She concludes that the manifestations of ethnicity are an outgrowth of the manipulation and uses of state power.

pp. 461-485

America in Search of Itself: The Making of the Presidents 1956-1980, Theodore H. White and Scott Armstrong
Reviewed by Charles V. Hamilton

pp. 487-493

The Oil Factor in U.S. Foreign Policy, 1980-1990, Melvin A. Conant
Reviewed by Paul Y. Watanabe

pp. 495-496

Congressional Spending, Dennis S. Ippolito
Reviewed by Allen Schick

pp. 496-497

Chinabound: A Fifty-Year Memoir, John King Fairbank
Reviewed by C. Martin Wilbur

pp. 498-499

The Future of US-China Relations, John Bryan Starr ; China, the Soviet Union and the West: Strategic and Political Dimensions of the 1980s, Douglas T. Stuart and William T. Tow
Reviewed by Warren I. Cohen

pp. 499-501

The International Politics of Surplus Capacity: Competition for Market Shares in the World Recession, Susan Strange and Roger Tooze
Reviewed by Debra L. Miller

pp. 501-502

Scientists under Hitler: Politics and the Physics Community in the Third Reich, Alan D. Beyerchen
Reviewed by William T. Golden

pp. 502-503

Governing America: An Insider's Report from the White House and the Cabinet, Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Reviewed by James L. Sundquist

pp. 504-505

American Politics: The Promise of Disharmony, Samuel P. Huntington
Reviewed by Robert A. Divine

pp. 505-506

History of the Idea of Progress, Robert Nisbet
Reviewed by Lewis A. Coser

pp. 506-507

The Evolution of American Electoral Systems, Paul Kleppner
Reviewed by Dale Baum

pp. 507-508

Public Duties: The Moral Obligations of Government Officials, Joel L. Fleishman, Lance Liebman and Mark H. Moore
Reviewed by J. Jackson Walter

pp. 509-510

Energy and the National Defense, Howard Bucknell
Reviewed by Michael B. Stoff

pp. 510-511

Cruise Missiles: Technology, Strategy, Politics, Richard K. Betts
Reviewed by Richard Ned Lebow

pp. 511-512

Richard Nixon: The Shaping of His Character, Fawn M. Brodie
Reviewed by J. Philipp Rosenberg

pp. 512-514

Press, Party, and Presidency, Richard L. Rubin
Reviewed by Leon V. Sigal

pp. 514-515

Fear of Fear: A Survey of Terrorist Operations and Controls in Open Societies, John B. Wolf
Reviewed by Paul Wilkinson

pp. 515-516

The Origins of the Korean War: Liberation and the Emergence of Separate Regimes, 1945-1947, Bruce Cumings
Reviewed by James L. Huskey

pp. 516-517

The Evolution of Nuclear Strategy, Lawrence Freedman
Reviewed by Robert Jervis

p. 518

The China Factor: Sino-American Relations and the Global Scene, Richard H. Solomon
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

pp. 519-520

The CIA Under Reagan, Bush, & Casey: The Evolution of the Agency from Roosevelt to Reagan, Ray S. Cline
Reviewed by Stephen E. Ambrose

pp. 520-521

The FBI and Martin Luther King, Jr.: From "Solo" to Memphis, David J. Garrow
Reviewed by Kenneth O'Reilly

pp. 521-522

The Political Involvement of Adolescents, Roberta S. Sigel and Marilyn B. Hoskin
Reviewed by Kay Lehman Schlozman

pp. 522-523

Environmental Mediation: The Search for Consensus, Laura M. Lake
Reviewed by Regina Axelrod

pp. 523-525

U.S. v. Crime in the Streets, Thomas E. Cronin, Tania Z. Cronin and Michael E. Milakovich
Reviewed by Malcolm M. Feeley

pp. 525-526

Toward the Second Decade: The Impact of the Women's Movement on American Institutions, Betty Justice and Renate Pore
Reviewed by Roberta S. Sigel

pp. 526-527

Women in Law, Cynthia Fuchs Epstein
Reviewed by Inez Smith Reid

pp. 527-528

Women, Work and Wages: Equal Pay for Jobs of Equal Value, Donald J. Treiman and Heidi I. Hartmann
Reviewed by Cynthia B. Lloyd

pp. 529-530

America's Struggle Against Poverty: 1900-1980, James T. Patterson
Reviewed by Daniel J. Leab

pp. 530-531

Social Security Financing, Felicity Skidmore ; Job and Income Security for Unemployed Workers: Some New Directions, Saul J. Blaustein
Reviewed by Jesse Burkhead

pp. 531-533

Rental Housing: Is There a Crisis?, John C. Weicher, Kevin E. Villani and Elizabeth A. Roistacher ; The Future of Rental Housing, George Sternlieb and James W. Hughes
Reviewed by Roger Starr

pp. 533-535

Joe McCarthy and the Press, Edwin R. Bayley
Reviewed by Mildred A. Schwartz

pp. 535-536

The Rise of Political Consultants: New Ways of Winning Elections, Larry J. Sabato
Reviewed by Richard L. Rubin

pp. 536-537

The Scientific Basis of Health and Safety Regulation, Robert W. Crandall and Lester B. Lave
Reviewed by Susan Rose-Ackerman

pp. 537-539

George C. Wallace and the Politics of Powerlessness: The Wallace Campaigns for the Presidency, 1964-1976, Jody Carlson
Reviewed by Clifton McCleskey

pp. 539-540

Do New Leaders Make a Difference? Executive Succession and Public Policy under Capitalism and Socialism, Valerie Bunce
Reviewed by Michael A. Genovese

pp. 540-541

Environment, Energy, Public Policy: Toward a Rational Future, Regina S. Axelrod
Reviewed by Robert S. Gilmour

pp. 541-542

Crisis in International News: Policies and Prospects, Jim Richstad and Michael H. Anderson
Reviewed by David B. Sachsman

pp. 543-544

Anthony Eden: A Biography, David Carlton
Reviewed by Lloyd Gardner

pp. 544-545

The Creation of the Anglo-American Alliance 1937-41: A Study in Competitive Co-operation, David Reynolds ; Ambiguous Partnership: Britain and America 1944-1947, Robert Hathaway
Reviewed by Joseph Losos

pp. 545-547

The Rise and Fall of the Political Press in Britain: The Nineteenth Century, Stephen Koss
Reviewed by Walter L. Arnstein

pp. 547-548

The People and the Party System: The Referendum and Electoral Reform in British Politics, Vernon Bogdanor
Reviewed by James Douglas

pp. 548-550

The Trouble with France, Alain Peyrefitte ; Vichy France and the Jews, Robert O. Paxton and Michael R. Marrus
Reviewed by Ezra N. Suleiman

pp. 550-552

Bureaucrats and Politicians in Western Democracies, Samuel J. Eldersveld, Robert D. Putnam, Joel D. Aberbach, Bert A. Rockman and Ronald Inglehart
Reviewed by Lewis J. Edinger

pp. 552-553

Life with the Enemy: Collaboration and Resistance in Hitler's Europe 1939- 1945, Werner Rings and J. Maxwell Brownjohn
Reviewed by James D. Wilkinson

pp. 553-554

Soviet Military Thinking, Derek Leebaert
Reviewed by Jeffrey T. Richelson

pp. 554-556

Postwar Soviet Politics: The Fall of Zhdanov and the Defeat of Moderation, 1946-53, Werner G. Hahn
Reviewed by Francis B. Randall

pp. 556-557

Soviet Trade Unions: Their Development in the 1970s, Blair A. Ruble ; Blue-Collar Workers in Eastern Europe, Jan F. Triska and Charles Gati
Reviewed by Christine M. Sadowski

pp. 557-559

The Soviet Economy: Continuity and Change, Morris Bornstein
Reviewed by Steven Rosefielde

pp. 559-560

Policy and Politics in Japan: Creative Conservatism, T. J. Pempel
Reviewed by Nobutaka Ike

pp. 560-561

The Modernization of China, Gilbert Rozman
Reviewed by Joel Glassman

pp. 561-562

Ethnopolitics: A Conceptual Framework, Joseph Rothschild
Reviewed by Steven P. Erie

pp. 563-564

The Ethnic Revival in the Modern World, Anthony D. Smith
Reviewed by Donald L. Horowitz

pp. 564-565

Human Rights and United States Policy toward Latin America, Lars Schoultz
Reviewed by Jorge Heine

pp. 565-566

Somoza: And the Legacy of U.S. Involvement in Central America, Bernard Diederich
Reviewed by Richard R. Fagen

pp. 566-567

The Endangered Sex: Neglect of Female Children in Rural North India, Barbara D. Miller
Reviewed by Amrita Basu

pp. 567-568

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