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Volume 31 - Number 1 - March 1916

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The Problem of Unemployment Today
W. M. Leiserson

pp. 1-24

Single-Tax Movement in Oregon
James H. Gilbert

pp. 25-52

Land Tenure Reform and Democracy
George E. Putnam

pp. 53-65

A Proposal for Pan-American Monetary Unity
E. W. Kemmerer

pp. 66-80

The Presidential Primary in Oregon
James D. Barnett

pp. 81-104

Effects of Woman's Suffrage on the Political Situation in the City of Chicago
Fred W. Eckert

pp. 105-121

Common Sense in Foreign Policy
William R. Shepherd

pp. 122-142

The Reconciliation of Government with Liberty, John W. Burgess
Reviewed by James W. Garner

pp. 143-146

Growth of American State Constitutions from 1776 to the End of the Year 1914, James Quayle Dealey
Reviewed by Alfred Z. Reed

pp. 146-149

The British Empire, Charles Lucas
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 149-151

L'Arbitrage International Chez les Hellenes, A. Ræder
Reviewed by J. B. Moore

pp. 151-152

War and Waste, David Starr Jordan

pp. 152-155

The Audacious War, Clarence W. Barron

pp. 155-156

Economic Aspects of the War, Edwin J. Clapp
Reviewed by H. R. Mussey

pp. 156-157

Intervention and Colonization in Africa, Norman Dwight Harris and James T. Shotwell
Reviewed by Edward Krehbiel

pp. 157-158

The Panama Canal and International Trade Competition, Lincoln Hutchinson
Reviewed by Roscoe R. Hill

pp. 159-160

A Chinese Appeal to Christendom concerning Christian Missions, Lin Shao-Yang
Reviewed by J. B. Moore

pp. 160-162

The Canadian Iron and Steel Industry, W. J. A. Donald ; The Tin Plate Industry, Donald Earl Dunbar
Reviewed by Henry Raymond Mussey

pp. 162-163

Current Economic Problems, Walton Hale Hamilton
Reviewed by E. E. Agger

pp. 164-165

Scienza delle Finanze, Eteocle Lorini
Reviewed by Carl C. Plehn

pp. 165-168

Materials of Corporation Finance, Charles W. Gerstenberg
Reviewed by W. H. S. Stevens

pp. 168-169

Joseph Chamberlain, Alexander Mackintosh ; Mr. Chamberlain's Speeches, Charles W. Boyd
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 169-173

A Great Peacemaker: The Diary of James Gallatin, Secretary to Albert Gallatin, 1813-1827, Viscount Bryce
Reviewed by J. B. Moore

pp. 173-175

The Public Life of Joseph Dudley, Everett Kimball
Reviewed by Dixon Ryan Fox

pp. 175-177

A History of England from the Defeat of the Armada to the Death of Elizabeth, Edward P. Cheyney
Reviewed by J. T. Shotwell

pp. 177-178

History as Literature and other Essays, Theodore Roosevelt
Reviewed by J. T. Shotwell

pp. 178-179

The French Revolution in San Domingo, T. Lothrop Stoddard
Reviewed by J. B. Moore

pp. 179-180

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