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Volume 33 - Number 1 - March 1918

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The War Revenue Act

pp. 1-37

The European Commission of the Danube: An Experiment in International Administration
Edward Krehbiel

pp. 38-55

The British Reconstruction Programs
Ordway Tead

pp. 56-76

The Abolition of British Imperial Preference, 1846-1860
Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 77-92

The Japanese Problem in the United States, H. A. Millis ; Japanese Expansion and American Policies, James Francis Abbott
Reviewed by William R. Shepherd

pp. 93-96

The Scandinavian Element in the United States, Kendric C. Babcock
Reviewed by D. S. Muzzey

p. 97

Economic Protectionism, Josef Grunzel
Reviewed by H. R. Mussey

pp. 98-101

Profit and Wages: A Study in the Distribution of Income, G. A. Kleene
Reviewed by Wesley C. Mitchell

pp. 101-103

Studien zur Geschichte Kapitalistischer Organisationsformen, Monopole, Kartelle und Aktiengesellschaften im Mittelalter und zu Beginn der Neuzeit, Jakob Strieder

pp. 104-106

Der Staat als Schlichter Gewerblicher Streitigkeiten in den Vereinigten Staaten, Kanada und Australien, Heinrich Junghann
Reviewed by B. M. Squires

pp. 106-108

Modern Currency Reforms, Edwin Walter Kemmerer
Reviewed by Joseph French Johnson

p. 109

The Trade Union Woman, Alice Henry ; Women in Modern Industry, B. L. Hutchins
Reviewed by Emilie J. Hutchinson

pp. 113-114

Woman's Effort: A Chronicle of British Women's Fifty Years' Struggle for Citizenship (1865-1914), A. E. Metcalfe and Laurence Housman
Reviewed by A. G. Porritt

pp. 115-117

The Frontiers of Language and Nationality in Europe, Leon Dominian
Reviewed by Stephen P. Duggan

pp. 117-118

Politics, Frank Exline ; The Political Thought of Heinrich von Treitschke, H. W. C. Davis ; Treitschke's History of Germany in the Nineteenth Century, William Harbutt Dawson, Eden Paul and Ceder Paul
Reviewed by J. T. Shotwell

pp. 119-121

A Short History of England, G. K. Chesterton
Reviewed by R. L. Schuyler

pp. 122-124

Political Ideals, Bertrand Russell ; Nationalism, Elie Kedourie
Reviewed by J. H. Robinson

pp. 125-127

The Federation of Canada, 1867-1917, George M. Wrong, John Willison, Z. A. Lash and R. A. Falconer ; The Constitution of Canada in its History and Practical Working, William Renwick Riddell
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 127-129

Canadian Historical Dates and Events, 1492-1915, Francis J. Audet
Reviewed by Edward Porritt

pp. 130-131

A Short History of Japan, Ernest Wilson Clement ; Japanese Government Documents, 1867-1889, W. W. McLaren ; A Political History of Japan during the Meiji Era, 1867-1912, Walter Wallace McLaren
Reviewed by William R. Shepherd

pp. 131-134

Due Process of Law and the Equal Protection of the Laws, Hannis Taylor
Reviewed by Thomas Reed Powell

pp. 134-137

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