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Volume 37 - Number 1 - March 1922

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The League's Disarmament Activities--and The Washington Conference
Alden H. Abbott

pp. 1-24

The Political Theory of Syndicalism
Rodney L. Mott

pp. 25-40

A Progressive Tax on Bare Land Values
John R. Commons

pp. 41-68

On the Sources and Methods of Research in Economic History
W. L. Westermann

pp. 69-74

A Monroe Doctrine Divided: Suggestion for a Presidential Message
Charles E. Chapman

pp. 75-82

Are Inventions Inevitable? A Note on Social Evolution
William F. Ogburn, Dorothy Thomas

pp. 83-98

State History. II
Dixon Ryan Fox

pp. 99-118

The New World Problems in Political Geography, Isaiah Bowman
Reviewed by Stephen P. Duggan

pp. 119-120

The Truth about the Treaty, André Tardieu
Reviewed by Charles Downer Hazen

pp. 120-122

Queen Victoria, Lytton Strachey
Reviewed by David S. Muzzey

pp. 122-125

The Pageant of Parliament, Michael MacDonagh
Reviewed by R. L. Schuyler

pp. 126-128

Francia, Joseph Reinach
Reviewed by Gustave Lanson

pp. 128-129

Government and Politics of France, Edward M. Sait
Reviewed by Parker Thomas Moon

pp. 129-131

The Age of the Reformation, Preserved Smith
Reviewed by Austin P. Evans

pp. 132-135

The Evolution of Revolution, H. M. Hyndman
Reviewed by David Saville Muzzey

pp. 136-139

The Industrial and Commercial Revolution in Great Britain during the Nineteenth Century, L. C. A. Knowles
Reviewed by Harry J. Carman

pp. 139-140

Freedom of Speech, Zechariah Chafee
Reviewed by Howard Lee McBain

pp. 141-143

Democracy and Assimilation. The Blending of Immigrant Heritages in America, Julius Drachsler ; Old World Traits Transplanted, Robert E. Park and Herbert A. Miller ; The Italian Contribution to American Democracy, John Horace Mariano ; The Cechs (Bohemians) in America, Thomas Capek
Reviewed by John R. Commons

pp. 143-147

War Government of the British Dominions, Arthur Berriedale Keith
Reviewed by R. L. Schuyler

pp. 147-149

Le Gouvernement des juges et la lutte contre la legislation sociale aux Etats-Unis, Edouard Lambert
Reviewed by Learned Hand

pp. 149-152

Le Droit des Gens et la Guerre de 1914-1918, A. Merignhac and E. Lémonon
Reviewed by J. W. Garner

pp. 152-153

Outlines of Historical Jurisprudence, Paul Vinogradoff
Reviewed by Hessel E. Yntema

pp. 153-156

The American Railroad Problem, I. Leo Sharfman
Reviewed by T. W. Van Metre

pp. 156-158

The Fundamental Principles of Taxation, in the Light of Modern Developments, Josiah Stamp
Reviewed by Carl C. Plehn

pp. 158-159

Mexico and the Caribbean: Clark University Addresses, George H. Blakeslee
Reviewed by C. H. Haring

pp. 160-162

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