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Volume 48 - Number 2 - June 1933

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The Relativity of History
Charles Woolsey Cole

pp. 161-171

The Southern Negro and the American Labor Supply
Edward E. Lewis

pp. 172-183

The Impeachment of James E. Ferguson

pp. 184-210

The Boycott as a Sanction of International Law
Charles Cheney Hyde

pp. 211-219

The Lodge Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
Thomas A. Bailey

pp. 220-239

Modern Monopoly as the Gentleman Crook
R. W. Souter

pp. 240-254

Conflicts of Principle, Abbott Lawrence Lowell
Reviewed by R. M. MacIver

pp. 255-256

Financial Condition and Operations of the National Government 1921-1930, W. F. Willoughby
Reviewed by Robert Murray Haig

pp. 256-258

The Society of Nations: Its Organization and Constitutional Development, Felix Morley
Reviewed by Clyde Eagleton

pp. 258-260

Theory of the Credit Standard, Hans Glückstadt
Reviewed by H. Parker Willis

pp. 260-262

Diplomatic Relations between the United States and Japan: 1853-1895, Payson J. Treat
Reviewed by Tyler Dennett

pp. 262-264

Our Times. Volume IV: The War Begins: 1909-1914, Mark Sullivan
Reviewed by D. S. Muzzey

pp. 265-266

Die Revision der Pariser Friedens-Vertrage, Josef L. Kunz
Reviewed by Pitman B. Potter

pp. 266-267

Essays on the Manchurian Problem, Shuhsi Hsü
Reviewed by J. P. Chamberlain

pp. 267-268

Chapters in the Administrative History of Mediaeval England: The Wardrobe, the Chamber and the Small Seals, T. F. Tout
Reviewed by C. H. McIlwain

pp. 269-271

Franklin Pierce, Roy Franklin Nichols
Reviewed by John A. Krout

pp. 271-272

General Sales Taxation, Alfred D. Buehler
Reviewed by Carl Shoup

pp. 272-274

Sun Yat-sen Versus Communism, Maurice William
Reviewed by Frederick V. Field

pp. 274-277

International Guarantees of Minority Rights, Julius Stone
Reviewed by Joseph S. Roucek

pp. 277-279

The Partition of Turkey: 1913-23, Harry N. Howard
Reviewed by Donald C. Blaisdell

pp. 279-281

Great Britain and the Law of Nations: A Selection of Documents Illustrating the Views of the Government in the United Kingdom upon Matters of International Law. Volume I: States, Herbert Arthur Smith
Reviewed by Philip C. Jessup

pp. 281-283

Poland 1914-1931, Robert Machray
Reviewed by Julia S. Orvis

pp. 283-285

John G. Carlisle: Financial Statesman, James A. Barnes
Reviewed by Harry J. Carman

pp. 287-289

Die Kapitalfunktion des Kredits, Charlotte von Reichenau
Reviewed by E. E. Agger

pp. 289-290

Lyautey, André Maurois and Hamish Miles
Reviewed by Constant Southworth

pp. 290-292

National Sovereignty and Judicial Autonomy in the British Commonwealth of Nations, Hector Hughes
Reviewed by A. Gordon Dewey

pp. 292-294

Talleyrand, Duff Cooper ; Metternich, Arthur Herman
Reviewed by Robert R. Ergang

pp. 294-296

The Cost of the War to Russia, Stanislas Kohn
Reviewed by J. V. DePorte

pp. 296-299

The Making of Roumania: A Study of an International Problem, 1856-1866, T. W. Riker
Reviewed by Ferdinand Schevill

pp. 299-301

Business Organization and Control, Charles S. Tippetts and Shaw Livermore
Reviewed by T. W. B. Crafer

pp. 301-303

Fontes Juris Gentium. Series B. Digest of the diplomatic Correspondence of the European States, 1856-1871, Viktor Bruns
Reviewed by Philip C. Jessup

pp. 303-305

Peuples et Civilisations: Volume VII: La Fin du Moyen Age. Part I: La Desagregation du Monde medieval (1285-1453); Part II: L Annonce des temps nouveaux (1453-1492), Louis Halphen, Philippe Sagnac, Henri Pirenne, Augustin Renaudet, Édouard Perroy and Marcel Handelsman
Reviewed by G. C. Sellery

pp. 305-306

George D. Herron and the European Settlement, Mitchell Pirie Briggs
Reviewed by Robert C. Binkley

pp. 306-308

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