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Volume 52 - Number 4 - December 1937

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In Memoriam: Ogden Livingston Mills

p. 0

The Separation of Powers under Democracy and Fascism
Charles H. Wilson

pp. 481-504

The President's Veto of Private Bills
Clarence A. Berdahl

pp. 505-531

The Evolution of the German Labor Front
Taylor Cole

pp. 532-558

British Railways in Argentina
Julian S. Duncan

pp. 559-582

The Social Sciences Today
Eli Ginzberg

pp. 583-587

Social and Cultural Dynamics. Volume I: Fluctuation of Forms of Art; Volume II: Fluctuation of Systems of Truth, Ethics, and Law; Volume III: Fluctuation of Social Relationships, War, and Revolution, Pitirim A. Sorokin
Reviewed by Theodore Abel

pp. 588-590

Leadership in a Free Society: A Study in Human Relations Based on an Analysis of Present-Day Industrial Civilization, T. N. Whitehead
Reviewed by Robert S. Lynd

pp. 590-592

Is It Peace?: A Study in Foreign Affairs, Graham Hutton
Reviewed by Clyde Eagleton

pp. 592-593

War and the Private Investor, Eugene Staley
Reviewed by Leland H. Jenks

pp. 594-596

Population Pressure and Economic Life in Japan, Ryoichi Ishii
Reviewed by Hugh Borton

pp. 596-598

The Manchu Abdication and the Powers, 1908-1912, John Gilbert Reid
Reviewed by R. Stanley McCordock

pp. 598-599

Diplomatic Commentaries, Viscount Kikujiro Ishii and William R. Langdon
Reviewed by George H. Blakeslee

pp. 599-602

Commodity Control in the Pacific Area: A Symposium on Recent Experience, W. L. Holland ; Trade and Trade Barriers in the Pacific, Philip G. Wright
Reviewed by John E. Orchard

pp. 602-604

The Testimony of Kolchak and Other Siberian Materials, H. H. Fisher and Elena Varneck
Reviewed by D. Fedotoff White

pp. 605-607

Medieval Representation and Consent, M. V. Clarke
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 607-609

The Middle Classes, Then and Now, Franklin Charles Palm
Reviewed by Shepard B. Clough

pp. 610-611

A Constitutional History of the United States, Andrew C. McLaughlin
Reviewed by Sidney Ratner

pp. 611-614

A History of Rome from 753 B. C. to A. D. 410, Cyril E. Robinson
Reviewed by Meyer Reinhold

pp. 614-615

American Diplomacy: Policies and Practice, Benjamin H. Williams
Reviewed by Frederick L. Schuman

pp. 615-617

Rulers of America, Anna Rochester
Reviewed by Malcolm Keir

pp. 617-618

Colonial Hispanic America. Volume IV of Studies in Hispanic American Affairs, A. Curtis Wilgus
Reviewed by Lawrence F. Hill

pp. 619-620

Exchange Depreciation, S. E. Harris
Reviewed by James D. Paris

pp. 621-623

Public Personnel Administration, William E. Mosher and J. Donald Kingsley
Reviewed by Leonard D. White

pp. 623-625

Cooperative Consumer Credit, with Special Reference to Credit Unions, M. R. Neifeld
Reviewed by Arthur E. Albrecht

pp. 625-626

Wedge und Wandlungen des Nationalbewusstseins, Eugen Lemberg ; Nationalismus und Ethik, Walther Pembaur
Reviewed by Koppel S. Pinson

pp. 626-627

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