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Volume 56 - Number 3 - September 1941

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The British Cabinet, The House of Commons and the War
Herman Finer

pp. 321-360

Evidence Concerning the Distribution of Wealth in France
Paul H. Beik

pp. 361-378

Robert A. Brady

pp. 379-391

The Seligman Correspondence III
Joseph Dorfman

pp. 392-419

A Study of History. Vols. IV, V, VI, Arnold J. Toynbee
Reviewed by George Catlin

pp. 420-422

Capital Requirements: A Study in Methods as Applied to the Iron and Steel Industry, Gardiner C. Means and Louis J. Paradiso
Reviewed by Charles A. Bliss

pp. 423-425

The Changing Pattern of International Economic Affairs, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by W. Randolph Burgess

pp. 426-427

Exchange Control in Central Europe, Howard S. Ellis ; Barriers to World Trade: A Study of Recent Commercial Policy, Margaret S. Gordon
Reviewed by Michael A. Heilperin

pp. 427-429

The Treasury and Monetary Policy, 1933-1938, C. Griffith Johnson
Reviewed by James D. Paris

pp. 429-432

The Federal Role in Unemployment Compensation Administration, Raymond C. Atkinson
Reviewed by Martin Saxe

pp. 432-434

The Dual State: A Contribution to the Theory of Dictatorship, Ernst Fraenkel, E. A. Shils, Edith Lowenstein and Klaus Knorr
Reviewed by Otto Kirchheimer

pp. 434-436

Constitutionalism, Ancient and Modern, Charles Howard McIlwain
Reviewed by Kurt von Fritz

pp. 436-438

Democracy or Anarchy?: A Study of Proportional Representation, F. A. Hermens
Reviewed by Robert Moses

pp. 438-439

The Armed Horde, 1793-1939: A Study of the Rise, Survival and Decline of the Mass Army, Hoffman Nickerson
Reviewed by Richard Poate Stebbins

pp. 440-441

Prepare for Peace!, Henry M. Wriston
Reviewed by Shepard Morgan

pp. 442-443

Democracy's Battle, Francis Williams
Reviewed by Francis Williamson

pp. 443-444

Rousseau and Burke, Annie Marion Osborn
Reviewed by J. Salwyn Schapiro

pp. 445-447

The Struggle for Judicial Supremacy: A Study of a Crisis in American Power Politics, Robert H. Jackson
Reviewed by Carl Brent Swisher

pp. 447-448

The Cambridge History of the British Empire. Volume II: The Growth of the New Empire, 1783-1870, J. Holland Rose, A. P. Newton and E. A. Benians
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 449-452

Essays in Canadian History: Presented to George MacKinnon Wrong for his Eightieth Birthday, Ralph Flenley
Reviewed by John Perry Pritchett

pp. 452-453

American Policy in the Far East, 1931-1940, T. A. Bisson ; Canada and the Far East--1940, A. R. M. Lower ; The United States and Japan's New Order, William C. Johnstone
Reviewed by A. Whitney Griswold

pp. 454-455

The Caribbean Danger Zone, J. Fred Rippy ; The Caribbean: The Story of Our Sea of Destiny, W. Adolphe Roberts
Reviewed by Roscoe R. Hill

pp. 455-457

Europe, 1914-1939, E. Lipson
Reviewed by George Woodbridge

pp. 457-458

War and Peace in Soviet Diplomacy, T. A. Taracouzio
Reviewed by William B. Ballis

pp. 459-460

William E. Chandler: Republican, Leon Burr Richardson
Reviewed by A. C. Flick

pp. 460-461

The Boss: The Hague Machine in Action, Dayton David McKean
Reviewed by Roy V. Peel

pp. 462-463

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