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Volume 58 - Number 1 - March 1943

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The Beveridge Report
Leo Wolman

pp. 1-10

America's Place in the Post-War World
Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 11-24

Labor Laws and War Production in the United States

pp. 25-46

Malthus versus Ricardo: The Effects of Distribution on Production
Omar Pancoast

pp. 47-66

Laissez Faire, Sugar and Slavery
Eric Williams

pp. 67-85

The Meaning of Inflation
Arthur Nussbaum

pp. 86-93

Power Politics and American World Policy
Edward Mead Earle

pp. 94-106

The Future of Industrial Man: A Conservative Approach, Peter F. Drucker
Reviewed by Thomas I. Cook

pp. 107-109

Agenda for a Postwar World, J. B. Condliffe
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 109-111

Fiscal Planning for Total War, William L. Crum, John F. Fennelly and Lawrence H. Seltzer
Reviewed by Alfred G. Buehler

pp. 111-112

Unfair Competition: A Study in Criteria for the Control of Trade Practices, John Perry Miller
Reviewed by Robert A. Brady

pp. 115-117

British Unemployment Programs, 1920-1938, Eveline M. Burns
Reviewed by Edwin E. Witte

pp. 118-119

The Theory of Prices, Arthur W. Marget
Reviewed by Virgil Willit

pp. 119-121

The Road We Are Traveling, 1914-1942, Stuart Chase ; Goals for America: A Budget of Our Needs and Resources, Stuart Chase
Reviewed by Kenneth M. Gould

pp. 121-123

The Age of Enterprise: A Social History of Industrial America, Thomas C. Cochran and William Miller
Reviewed by Samuel Rezneck

pp. 123-124

The British Colonial Empire, W. E. Simnett ; India Without Fable: A 1942 Survey, Kate L. Mitchell
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 127-130

British Rule in Eastern Asia: A Study of Contemporary Government and Economic Development in British Malaya and Hong Kong, Lennox A. Mills
Reviewed by Rupert Emerson

pp. 131-132

A New Constitution Now, Henry Hazlitt
Reviewed by V. O. Key

pp. 132-134

The Growth of American Constitutional Law, Benjamin F. Wright
Reviewed by George A. Warp

pp. 134-136

The Coming of the Civil War, Avery Craven
Reviewed by A. Howard Meneely

pp. 136-137

The Riddle of the State Department, Robert Bendiner
Reviewed by Vincent M. Barnett

pp. 137-139

Democratic Ideals and Reality, Edward Mead Earle, George Fielding Eliot and Halford J. Mackinder
Reviewed by Allen B. Cook

pp. 140-141

Events in African History: A Supplement to The Atlantic Charter and Africa from an American Standpoint, Edwin W. Smith
Reviewed by M. M. Knight

pp. 141-142

Alaska Under Arms, Jean Potter
Reviewed by Jeannette P. Nichols

pp. 143-144

Permanent Revolution: The Total State in a World at War, Sigmund Neumann
Reviewed by Louis L. Snyder

pp. 144-145

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