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Volume 61 - Number 2 - June 1946

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Lincoln in Power
Lyman Bryson

pp. 161-174

Hindsight on Vichy
Ellen Hammer

pp. 175-188

The Proposed Federal Industrial Relations Act
Donald R. Richberg

pp. 189-204

A Critique of Pending Labor Legislation
Herbert R. Northrup

pp. 205-221

Britain's Election: A Debate on Nationalization and Cartels
William Thomas Morgan

pp. 222-237

Public Opinion Polls as an Aid to Democracy
Julian L. Woodward

pp. 238-246

A Note on the Economic Interpretation of History
Frank Tannenbaum

pp. 247-253

International Investment and Domestic Welfare: Some Aspects of International Borrowing and Lending in the Post-war Period, Norman S. Buchanan
Reviewed by Ragnar Nurkse

pp. 254-257

Price and Related Controls in the United States, Seymour E. Harris
Reviewed by A. F. W. Plumptre

pp. 258-259

Food or Famine: The Challenge of Erosion, Ward Shepard
Reviewed by S. V. Ciriacy-Wantrup

pp. 259-262

The World's Hunger, Frank A. Pearson and Floyd A. Harper
Reviewed by John Lindberg

pp. 262-263

International Cartels, Ervin Hexner and Adelaide Walters
Reviewed by Robert A. Brady

pp. 264-266

Financing American Prosperity: A Symposium of Economists, Paul T. Homan and Fritz Machlup
Reviewed by Alfred G. Buehler

pp. 266-268

Guideposts to a Free Economy: A Series of Essays on Enterprise and Government Finance, Harley L. Lutz
Reviewed by Harvey W. Peck

pp. 268-270

Inflation and the American Economy, Seymour E. Harris
Reviewed by Alfred G. Buehler

pp. 270-272

National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade, Albert O. Hirschman
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 272-274

Unwritten Treaty, James P. Warburg
Reviewed by Grayson Kirk

pp. 274-275

America: Partner in World Rule, William Henry Chamberlin
Reviewed by Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 276-277

The United States and Britain, Crane Brinton
Reviewed by J. B. Brebner

pp. 277-278

Soviet Politics: At Home and Abroad, Frederick L. Schuman
Reviewed by John N. Hazard

pp. 278-280

Soviet Far Eastern Policy, 1931-1945, Harriet L. Moore
Reviewed by Jesse D. Clarkson

pp. 280-281

Man and Society: The Scottish Inquiry of the Eighteenth Century, Gladys Bryson
Reviewed by Roy Harvey Pearce

pp. 282-283

The Liberal Tradition: A Study of the Social and Spiritual Conditions of Freedom, William Aylott Orton
Reviewed by Willson H. Coates

pp. 283-285

Law and Orders: An Inquiry into the Nature and Scope of Delegated Legislation and Executive Powers in England, Carleton Kemp Allen
Reviewed by Robert Livington Schuyler

pp. 285-288

Political Reconstruction, Karl Loewenstein
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Chamberlain

pp. 288-290

France, Yesterday and Today: A Short Survey, Katharine Munro
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 290-292

China's Crisis, ANDREW J. NATHAN
Reviewed by Paul H. Clyde

pp. 292-293

I Accuse de Gaulle, Henri de Kerillis
Reviewed by Ellen Hammer

pp. 294-295

Brazil: People and Institutions, T. Lynn Smith
Reviewed by Bailey W. Diffie

pp. 295-297

The Growth of Constitutional Power in the United States, Carl Brent Swisher
Reviewed by John D. Millett

pp. 297-299

Woman as Force in History: A Study in Traditions an Realities, Mary R. Beard
Reviewed by Mary S. Benson

pp. 299-300

Arms and Policy, 1939-1944, Hoffman Nickerson
Reviewed by Edward Mead Earle

pp. 301-302

If Men Want Peace: The Mandates of World Order, Joseph B. Harrison, Linden A. Mander and Nathanael H. Engle ; Let's Talk about the Peace, Henry G. Alsberg
Reviewed by Leland M. Goodrich

pp. 302-304

Nationalities and National Minorities (With special reference to East- Central Europe), Oscar I. Janowsky and James T. Shortwell
Reviewed by Oscar Jászi

pp. 304-306

League of Nations and National Minorities: An Experiment, P. de Azcárate and Eileen E. Brooke
Reviewed by Mark Vishniak

pp. 307-308

The Lesson of Germany: A Guide to Her History, Gerhart Eisler, Albert Norden and Albert Schreiner
Reviewed by Walter Consuelo Langsam

pp. 308-309

Balkan Background, Bernard Newman
Reviewed by Joseph S. Roucek

pp. 310-311

The Arab Island: The Middle East, 1939-1943, Freya Stark
Reviewed by E. A. Speiser

pp. 311-313

A Man from Kansas: The Story of William Allen White, David Hinshaw
Reviewed by Robert A. East

pp. 313-314

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