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Volume 64 - Number 3 - September 1949

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John Richard Green and his Short History
Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 321-354

The Virginia System of Mixed Enterprise
Carter Goodrich

pp. 355-387

The Tripartite Problem of Scarce Currencies
Clark Warburton

pp. 388-404

The Hoover Commission Reports
Herman Finer

pp. 405-419

A Note on the Idea of World Money
Arthur Nussbaum

pp. 420-427

On Power: Its Nature and the History of Its Growth, D. W. Brogan, Bertrand de Jouvenel and J. F. Huntington
Reviewed by Lyman Bryson

pp. 429-431

Strategic Intelligence for American World Policy, Sherman Kent
Reviewed by Lawrence H. Chamberlain

pp. 431-432

How Foreign Policy is Made, Kurt London
Reviewed by Dwight E. Lee

pp. 435-437

Technology and International Relations, John V. Granger
Reviewed by Leland M. Goodrich

pp. 437-438

Government as Employer, Sterling D. Spero
Reviewed by Philip Taft

pp. 440-441

The Rise of Russia in Asia, David J. Dallin
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 442-443

The Foreign Policy of Soviet Russia, 1929-1941. Volume II: 1936-1941, Max Beloff
Reviewed by Henry L. Roberts

pp. 443-445

The Spirit of Post-War Russia: Soviet Ideology 1917-1946, Rudolf Schlesinger
Reviewed by Paul A. Baran

pp. 445-446

History: A Guide to Peace, Erno Wittmann
Reviewed by John G. Gazley

pp. 447-448

The American Spirit in Europe: A Survey of Transatlantic Influences, Halvdan Koht
Reviewed by Henry F. Graff

pp. 449-450

Liberalism and the Challenge of Fascism: Social Forces in England and France (1815-1870), J. Salwyn Schapiro
Reviewed by Paul Knaplund

pp. 450-452

Burke's Politics: Selected Writings and Speeches of Edmund Burke on Reform, Revolution, and War, Paul Levack
Reviewed by M. A. Fitzsimons

pp. 452-453

Wartime Production Controls, David Novick, Melvin L. Anshen and William C. Truppner
Reviewed by John D. Millett

pp. 453-455

State Labor Relations Acts: A Study of Public Policy, Charles C. Killingsworth
Reviewed by John A. Fitch

pp. 455-457

Monetary Reconstruction in Italy, Bruno Foa
Reviewed by Henry S. Miller

pp. 458-460

Postwar Years: Normalcy, 1918-1923. Volume III of American Democracy and the World War, Frederic L. Paxson
Reviewed by Paul W. Gates

pp. 460-461

The Negro Ghetto, Robert C. Weaver
Reviewed by Herman H. Long

pp. 462-464

John Hancock: Patriot in Purple, Herbert S. Allan
Reviewed by Wayne E. Stevens

pp. 464-465

New Worlds Emerging, Earl Parker Hanson
Reviewed by William A. Hance

pp. 465-467

Latin America: Continent in Crisis, Ray Josephs
Reviewed by Roscoe R. Hill

pp. 467-469

The Fall of Mussolini: His Own Story by Benito Mussolini, Max Ascoli and Frances Fresnaye
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 469-471

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