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Volume 7 - Number 3 - September 1892

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Asylum in Legations and Consulates and in Vessels. III
John Bassett Moore

pp. 397-418

The Utility of Speculation in Modern Commerce
Albert Clark Stevens

pp. 419-430

Usury in Law, in Practice and in Psychology
George K. Holmes

pp. 431-467

The Control of National Expenditures
Niles Hibbard Thompson

pp. 468-482

The English Crown as an Aid to Democracy
Jesse Macy

pp. 483-499

Irish Land Legislation since 1845. II

pp. 500-521

Our Two Great Parties: Their Origin and Tasks
Anson D. Morse

pp. 522-535

The Elements of Politics, Henry Sidgwick

pp. 536-540

History of the Great Civil War, Samuel R. Gardiner
Reviewed by Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 540-542

The Law and Customs of the Constitution. Part II: The Crown, William R. Anson
Reviewed by John W. Burgess

pp. 543-544

The Clarke Papers, C. H. Firth
Reviewed by Herbert L. Osgood

pp. 544-546

Spanish Institutions of the Southwest, Frank W. Blackmar
Reviewed by W. P. Trent

pp. 547-548

The Supreme Court of the United States: Its History, Hampton L. Carson
Reviewed by John W. Burgess

pp. 548-549

The Commerce of Nations, J. B. Condliffe
Reviewed by Frank R. Hathaway

p. 549

The Farmer's Side: His Troubles and their Remedy, W. A. Peffer
Reviewed by Victor Rosewater

pp. 550-551

La Colonisation de l'Indo-Chine. L'Experience Anglaise, J. Chailley-Bert
Reviewed by W. P. Trent

pp. 551-552

Two Thousand Years of Gild Life... together with a full Account of the Gilds and Trading Companies of Kingston-upon-Hull, J. Malet Lambert
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 553-554

Who Pays your Taxes? A Consideration of the Question of Taxation, Julien T. Davies, David A. Wells, George H. Adams, Thomas G. Shearman, Joseph Dana Miller and Bolton Hall

pp. 554-555

Die Allgemeinen Philosophischen Grundlagen der von Francois Quesnay und Adam Smith begrundeten Politischen Oekonomie, Wilhelm Hasbach ; Untersuchungen uber Adam Smith und die Entwicklung der Politischen Oekonomie, Wilhelm Hasbach

pp. 556-558

Litteraturnachweis uber Geld-und Munzwesen, insbesondere uber den Wahrungsstreit, 1871-1891, Adolf Soetbeer
Reviewed by F. W. Taussig

pp. 558-559

Le Capital, la Speculation et la Finance au XIX me Siecle, Claudio Jannet
Reviewed by John Graham Brooks

pp. 559-561

The Theory of Dynamic Economics, Simon N. Patten
Reviewed by Arthur T. Hadley

pp. 562-563

The Use and Abuse of Money, W. Cunningham
Reviewed by Edward G. Bourne

pp. 563-565

A History of Epidemics in Britain, from A.D. 664 to the Extinction of Plague, Charles Creighton
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 565-567

Zur Geschichte und Organisation des Romischen Vereinswesens, W. Liebenam ; Les Manieurs d'Argent a Rome. Etude Historique, Antonin Deloume
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 568-572

Zeitschrift fur Volkswirthschaft, Socialpolitik und Verwaltung, Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, Karl Theodor von Inama-Sternegg and Ernst von Plener

p. 573

Economie Sociale, Léon Say
Reviewed by Edward Cummings

pp. 574-576

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