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Volume 74 - Number 2 - June 1959

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Minority Groups and Foreign Policy
Lawrence H. Fuchs

pp. 161-175

The Japanese Constitution: Child of the Cold War
Theodore McNelly

pp. 176-195

Alternative Ways to Democracy: The Example of Israel
Amitai Etzioni

pp. 196-214

Anti-War Sentiment and the Socialist Party, 1917-1918
James Weinstein

pp. 215-239

Labor's Participation in the European Productivity Program: A Study in Frustration
William Gomberg

pp. 240-255

The Empirical Proletarians: A Note on British Communism
Neal Wood

pp. 256-272

The Tragedy of American Diplomacy, William Appleman Williams ; What's Wrong with U.S. Foreign Policy, Cyrus L. Sulzberger
Reviewed by James P. Warburg

pp. 273-274

Foreign Policy: The Next Phase, Thomas K. Finletter
Reviewed by Foster Rhea Dulles

pp. 274-276

Arms and the State: Civil-Military Elements in National Policy, Walter Millis, Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. and Harold Stein
Reviewed by Ernest R. May

pp. 276-277

The Eve of War, 1939, Arnold Toynbee and Veronica M. Toynbee ; The Initial Triumph of the Axis, Arnold Toynbee and Veronica M. Toynbee
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 277-279

The Bolivian National Revolution, Robert J. Alexander ; Central America: The Crisis and the Challenge, John D. Martz
Reviewed by Ronald M. Schneider

pp. 279-281

Political Change in Latin America: The Emergence of the Middle Sectors, John J. Johnson
Reviewed by Martin B. Travis

pp. 282-283

The Birth of a Dilemma: The Conquest and Settlement of Rhodesia, Philip Mason
Reviewed by Gwendolen M. Carter

pp. 283-284

French West Africa, Virginia Thompson and Richard Adloff
Reviewed by David E. Apter

pp. 285-287

Essays on Japanese Economy, Shigeto Tsuru ; Japan's Economic Recovery, G. C. Allen ; Japan's Postwar Economy, Jerome B. Cohen
Reviewed by Warren S. Hunsberger

pp. 287-290

Party Committees and National Politics, Hugh A. Bone
Reviewed by David B. Truman

pp. 290-291

The Advent of the British Labour Party, Philip P. Poirier
Reviewed by M. S. Wilkins

pp. 291-293

The British Communist Party: A Historical Profile, Henry Pelling ; Labour and Politics, 1900-1906: A History of the Labour Representation Committee, Henry Pelling and Frank Bealey
Reviewed by Leon D. Epstein

pp. 293-295

Nineteen Thirty-One: Political Crisis, R. Bassett
Reviewed by Richard W. Lyman

pp. 295-296

William Lyon Mackenzie King: A Political Biography. Vol. I: 1874-1923, R. MacGregor Dawson
Reviewed by Frank H. Underhill

pp. 296-299

The Agrarian Foes of Bolshevism: Promise and Default of the Russian Socialist Revolutionaries, February to October 1917, Oliver H. Radkey
Reviewed by Leonard Schapiro

pp. 299-300

Legal Personality and Political Pluralism, Leicester C. Webb
Reviewed by John Plamenatz

pp. 300-302

Studies in Jurisprudence and Criminal Theory, Jerome Hall
Reviewed by Wolfgang Friedmann

pp. 302-304

The Americans: The Colonial Experience, Daniel J. Boorstin
Reviewed by Max Savelle

pp. 304-306

A Yankee's Odyssey: The Life of Joel Barlow, James Woodress
Reviewed by M. Ray Adams

pp. 306-308

Reformation and Reaction in Tudor Cambridge, H. C. Porter
Reviewed by Wallace K. Ferguson

pp. 308-310

Business and Politics under James I: Lionel Cranfield as Merchant and Minister, R. H. Tawney
Reviewed by Sidney A. Burrell

pp. 310-312

The Faction of Cousins: A Political Account of the Grenvilles, 1733-1763, Lewis M. Wiggin ; Lord Chatham and America, O. A. Sherrard
Reviewed by David Spring

pp. 312-314

Bureaucracy, Aristocracy and Autocracy: The Prussian Experience, 1660-1815, Hans Rosenberg
Reviewed by Walter L. Dorn

pp. 314-316

The Doctrine of Saint-Simon: An Exposition, Georg G. Iggers ; Socialism and Saint-Simon, Emile Durkheim, Alvin W. Gouldner and Charlotte Sattler
Reviewed by Frank E. Manuel

pp. 317-319

Spain: A Modern History, Salvador de Madariaga
Reviewed by S. Grover Rich

pp. 319-320

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