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Volume 78 - Number 1 - March 1963

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In Memoriam: John Ewing Orchard

p. 0

Canadian Politics in the Sixties
Dennis H. Wrong

pp. 1-12

The Limiting Process in the Korean War
Morton H. Halperin explores why and how the Korean War remained limited in the nuclear-missile age. He suggests that in addition to contributing to an evaluation of an important event in the cold war, the study should be of value in analyzing other local wars, past and future. 

pp. 13-39

The New York Mugwumps of 1884: A Profile
Gerald W. McFarland

pp. 40-58

The Status Revolution and Massachusetts Progressive Leadership
Richard B. Sherman

pp. 59-65

Nationalism and Social Restoration: Fraternities in Postwar Germany
Kurt P. Tauber

pp. 66-85

The South African General Election of 1961
Newell M. Stultz, Jeffrey Butler

pp. 86-110

The Later Correspondence of George III. Volume I, December 1783 to January 1793, A. Aspinall
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 111-114

The Papers of James Madison, William T. Hutchinson
Reviewed by William G. Carleton

pp. 114-116

The Predicament of Democratic Man, Edmond Cahn ; Democratic Theory, Giovanni Sartori
Reviewed by Neal Riemer

pp. 116-118

Questions in Parliament, D. N. Chester and Nona Bowring
Reviewed by Leslie Lipson

pp. 118-120

Reason in Society: Five Types of Decisions and Their Social Conditions, Paul Diesing
Reviewed by Edward C. Banfield

pp. 120-122

Conflict and Defense: A General Theory, Kenneth E. Boulding
Reviewed by Amitai Etzioni

pp. 122-124

Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the Industrial Enterprise, Alfred D. Chandler
Reviewed by Donald Dewey

pp. 124-127

No Transfer: An American Security Principle, John A. Logan
Reviewed by Cecil V. Crabb

pp. 127-129

The New World, 1939/1946: Volume I, A History of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, Richard G. Hewlett and Oscar E. Anderson
Reviewed by A. Hunter Dupree

pp. 129-131

The Transformation of Austrian Socialism, Kurt L. Shell
Reviewed by Otto Kirchheimer

pp. 131-133

American Scientists and Nuclear Weapons Policy, Robert Gilpin
Reviewed by Robert C. Wood

pp. 133-135

To the Farewell Address: Ideas of Early American Foreign Policy, Felix Gilbert
Reviewed by Henry F. Graff

pp. 136-138

War and Peace and Germany, Fred Warner Neal

pp. 138-140

The First Whigs: The Politics of the Exclusion Crisis, 1678-1683, J. R. Jones
Reviewed by Helen A. Nutting

pp. 140-141

Federalism and Economic Growth in Underdeveloped Countries: A Symposium, U. K. Hicks
Reviewed by Immanuel Wallerstein

pp. 141-143

The Politics of Oil, A Study of Private Power and Democratic Directions, Robert Engler
Reviewed by Aaron Wildavsky

pp. 143-145

Rift and Revolt in Hungary: Nationalism Versus Communism, Ferenc A. Vali
Reviewed by Stephen Borsody

pp. 145-146

Independent Eastern Europe: A History, C. A. Macartney and A. W. Palmer
Reviewed by Joseph Rothschild

pp. 146-148

Soviet Industrialization, 1928-1952, Naum Jasny ; Essays on the Soviet Economy, Naum Jasny ; The Soviet Economy: An Introduction, Alec Nove ; The Soviet Economy: Structure, Principles, Problems, Nicolas Spulber
Reviewed by Robert W. Campbell

pp. 149-151

The Elimination of Corrupt Practices in British Elections, 1868-1910, Cornelius O'Leary
Reviewed by William B. Gwyn

pp. 151-153

The Federal Interest in Higher Education, Homer D. Babbidge and Robert M. Rosenzweig
Reviewed by Frank Munger

pp. 153-154

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