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Volume 82 - Number 3 - September 1967

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White on Black: A Critique of the McCone Commission Report on the Los Angeles Riots
Robert M. Fogelson

pp. 337-367

The Red Prussianism of the German Democratic Republic
Jean Edward Smith

pp. 368-385

The Transplantation of American Democratic Institutions: The Case of Hawaii
Allan Spitz

pp. 386-398

Sociology of Knowledge and Moral Philosophy: The Place of Traditional Problems in the Formation of Mannheim's Though
David Kettler

pp. 399-426

Thomas Hobbes on the Family and the State of Nature
Gordon J. Schochet

pp. 427-445

When Americans Complain: Governmental Grievance Procedures, Walter Gellhorn ; Ombudsmen and Others: Citizens' Protectors in Nine Countries, Walter Gellhorn
Reviewed by Norman Dorsen

pp. 446-448

Andrew Jackson, Robert V. Remini
Reviewed by Walter Hugins

pp. 448-449

The State and the Mentally Ill: A History of Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts, 1830-1920, Gerald N. Grob
Reviewed by Norman Dain

pp. 450-451

Politics, Strategy, and American Diplomacy: Studies in Foreign Policy, 1873-1917, George Berkeley Young
Reviewed by James A. Field

pp. 451-452

Social Scientists and Farm Politics in the Age of Roosevelt, Richard S. Kirkendall
Reviewed by Mordecai Ezekiel

pp. 452-454

The Politics of Military Unification: A Study of Conflict and the Policy Process, Demetrios Caraley
Reviewed by Earl Latham

pp. 454-456

Freedom and Order: A Commentary on the American Political Scene, Henry Steele Commager
Reviewed by Arthur D. Kaledin

pp. 456-457

Party Loyalty Among Congressmen: The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans, 1947-1962, David R. Mayhew
Reviewed by Duncan MacRae

pp. 457-459

The Dynamics of Modernization: A Study in Comparative History, C. E. Black
Reviewed by William H. McNeill

pp. 459-460

International Aid: A Summary, Hugh L. Keenleyside
Reviewed by Doris A. Graber

pp. 460-461

Diplomatic Investigations: Essays in the Theory of International Politics, Martin Wight and Herbert Butterfield
Reviewed by Hans J. Morgenthau

pp. 461-463

The United Nations: Peace and Progress, Alf Ross
Reviewed by Leland M. Goodrich

pp. 463-464

The Psychology of Power, Ronald V. Sampson

pp. 464-466

Power and Privilege: A Theory of Social Stratification, Gerhard E. Lenski
Reviewed by Leonard Reissman

pp. 466-467

New Perspectives of Brazil, Eric N. Baklanoff
Reviewed by Ronald M. Schneider

pp. 468-469

Colonialism and Christian Missions, Stephen Neill
Reviewed by Robert I. Rotberg

pp. 469-470

The Transformation of East Africa, Stanley Diamond and Fred G. Burke
Reviewed by John Beattie

pp. 471-474

The First Industrial Revolution, Phyllis Deane
Reviewed by Henry Rosovsky

pp. 474-476

A Decade of the Commonwealth, 1955-1964, W. B. Hamilton, Kenneth Robinson and C. D. W. Goodwin
Reviewed by Frank H. Underhill

pp. 476-477

The Enlightenment: An Interpretation--The Rise of Modern Paganism, Peter Gay
Reviewed by Judith N. Shklar

pp. 477-479

Parades & Politics at Vichy: The French Officer Corps Under Marshall Petain, Robert O. Paxton
Reviewed by George Armstrong Kelly

pp. 479-481

Army, Industry, and Labor in Germany, 1914-1918, Gerald D. Feldman
Reviewed by Arthur Schweitzer

pp. 481-482

The Germans and Their Modern History, Fritz Ernst and Charles M. Prugh
Reviewed by Fritz T. Epstein

pp. 482-483

The Birth of the Austrian Republic, 1918-1921, Karl R. Stadler
Reviewed by Istvan Deak

p. 484

Democratic Parties in the Low Countries and Germany, Willem Verkade ; Revolutionary Hamburg: Labor Politics in the Early Weimar Republic, Richard A. Comfort ; Die deutsche Zentrumspartei, 1917-1923, Rudolf Morsey
Reviewed by Guenther Roth

pp. 485-488

Diary of the Sinai Campaign, Major-General Moshe Dayan
Reviewed by O. M. Smolansky

pp. 488-489

Dilemmas of Democratic Politics in India, G. S. Halappa
Reviewed by Ganesh Prashad

pp. 490-491

The Taiping Rebellion: History and Documents, Vol. I: History, Franz Michael and Chung-li Chang
Reviewed by C. Martin Wilbur

pp. 491-492

The Communist Conquest of China: A History of the Civil War, 1945-1949, Lionel Max Chassin, Timothy Osata and Louis Gelas
Reviewed by Tang Tsou

pp. 493-494

The First Years of Yangyi Commune, Isabel Crook and David Crook
Reviewed by Thomas P. Bernstein

pp. 494-495

Guidelines, Informal Controls, and the Market Place, Robert Z. Aliber and George P. Schultz
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 495-496

The Labor Arbitration Process, R. W. Fleming
Reviewed by Ray Marshall

pp. 497-498

The Elite in the Welfare State, Piet Thoenes, J. E. Bingham and J. A. Banks
Reviewed by T. H. Marshall

pp. 498-499

Hannibal's Legacy: The Hannibalic War's Effects on Roman Life, Arnold J. Toynbee
Reviewed by E. J. Bickerman

pp. 499-500

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