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Volume 9 - Number 1 - March 1894

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Some Ideas on Constitutional Revision in New York
John B. Uhle

pp. 1-11

The Banks and the Panic of 1893
Alexander D. Noyes

pp. 12-30

Austin's Theory of Sovereignty
John Dewey

pp. 31-52

Positive Law and Other Laws
Charles M. Platt

pp. 53-63

The Revolt Against Feudalism in England
Edward Porritt

pp. 64-77

British Local Finance
G. H. Blunden

pp. 78-118

The Village in India
W. J. Ashley

pp. 119-130

Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin P. Thomas
Reviewed by Frederic Bancroft

pp. 131-133

Practical Essays on American Government, Albert Bushnell Hart
Reviewed by Jesse Macy

pp. 133-135

Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der Kaufmannsgilden des Mittelalters, Alfred Doren
Reviewed by Charles Gross

pp. 135-137

Les Grandes Compagnies de Commerce, Pierre Bonnassieux
Reviewed by George Louis Beer

pp. 138-140

Die Sociologische Staatsidee, Ludwig Gumplowicz

pp. 140-143

An Analysis of the Ideas of Economics, L. P. Shirres
Reviewed by J. B. Clark

p. 143

Grundriss der Politischen Oekonomie, Eugen von Philippovich
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo-Smith

pp. 144-146

Le Leggi Naturali dell' Economia Politica, Giuseppe Majorana-Calatabiano
Reviewed by Willard C. Fisher

pp. 146-148

The Origin of Metallic Currency and Weight Standards, William Ridgeway
Reviewed by W. J. Ashley

pp. 148-150

Teoria della Trasformazione dei Capitali, Camillo Supino
Reviewed by Stephen F. Weston

pp. 151-153

People's Banks, Henry W. Wolff
Reviewed by Fairfax Harrison

pp. 153-154

Profit-Sharing and the Labor Question, T. W. Bushill
Reviewed by Nicholas P. Gilman

pp. 154-155

The Repudiation of State Debts, William A. Scott
Reviewed by Carl C. Plehn

pp. 155-158

Systemes Generaux d'Impots, René Stourm

pp. 158-159

Protezionismo Americano, Ugo Rabbeno
Reviewed by William Z. Ripley

pp. 159-161

The Mark in England and America, Enoch A. Bryan
Reviewed by Charles M. Andrews

pp. 161-163

Abnormal Man, Arthur MacDonald
Reviewed by S. H. Schwarz

pp. 164-165

Grundzuge einer Socialpadagogik und Socialpolitik, Karl Fischer
Reviewed by P. Fireman

pp. 165-167

Le Droit des Femmes et le Mariage, Louis Bridel
Reviewed by J. H. Hyslop

pp. 167-168

Die Bestellung der Privaten Beleuchtungsgesellschaften zu Stadt und Staat, John Henry Gray
Reviewed by Edward W. Bemis

pp. 168-170

The Influence of Sea Power upon History. 1660-1783, A. T. Mahan ; The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution and Empire. 1793-1812, A. T. Mahan
Reviewed by Theodore Roosevelt

pp. 171-173

Darwin and Hegel, with other Philosophical Studies, David G. Ritchie

pp. 173-176

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