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Volume 87 - Number 4 - December 1972

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Roosevelt and the Brains Trust: An Historiographical Overview
Elliot A. Rosen

pp. 531-557

Rexford G. Tugwell

pp. 558-563

The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Study of Its Strategic Context
Jerome H. Kahan, Anne K. Long

pp. 564-590

Who Governed the Nation's Cities in the "Era of the Common Man"?
Edward Pessen

pp. 591-614

Israel and the Third World
Leopold Laufer

pp. 615-630

The Politics of the Powerless, Robert H. Binstock and Katherine Ely ; Citizens Participation: Effecting Community Changes, Edgar S. Cahn and Barry A. Passett ; Public Housing: The Politics of Poverty, Leonard Freedman ; Neighborhood Control of Public Programs: Case Studies of Community Corporations and Neighborhood Boards, Howard W. Hallman ; Government Against Poverty, Joseph A. Kershaw and Paul N. Courant ; Let Them Eat Promises: The Politics of Hunger in America, Nick Kotz ; Toward a National Urban Policy, Daniel P. Moynihan ; Regulating the Poor: The Functions of Public Welfare, Frances Fox Piven and Richard A. Cloward ; Designing Program Action--Against Urban Poverty, George A. Shipman ; On Relief: The Economics of Poverty and Public Welfare, Bruno Stein
Reviewed by Henry Cohen

pp. 631-652

Beyond Freedom and Dignity, B. F. Skinner
Reviewed by J. Bronowski

pp. 653-655

Man and His Work: A Sociological Study, A. G. Zdravomyslov, V. P. Rozhin, V. A. Iadov and Stephen P. Dunn
Reviewed by Graham Wootton

pp. 655-656

Alienation: From Marx to Modern Sociology. A Macrosociological Analysis, Joachim Israel
Reviewed by Lewis A. Coser

pp. 657-658

American Convictions: Cycles of Public Thought, 1600-1850, Charles A. Barker
Reviewed by Alan Lawson

pp. 658-659

Alexander Hamilton and the Idea of Republican Government, Gerald Stourzh ; Alexander Hamilton and American Foreign Policy: A Design for Greatness, Gilbert L. Lycan
Reviewed by Jacob E. Cooke

pp. 660-661

The Jeffersonian Crisis: Courts and Politics in the Young Republic, Richard E. Ellis
Reviewed by Paul Goodman

pp. 661-663

Sovereignty and an Empty Purse: Banks and Politics in the Civil War, Bray Hammond
Reviewed by Stuart Bruchey

pp. 664-665

Peace and Counterpeace: From Wilson to Hitler, Hamilton Fish Armstrong
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 665-666

The Politics of Civil Rights in the Truman Administration, William C. Berman
Reviewed by Milton R. Konvitz

pp. 667-668

The Politics of Fear: Joseph R. McCarthy and the Senate, Robert Griffith
Reviewed by Earl Latham

pp. 668-670

Architects of Illusion: Men and Ideas in American Foreign Policy, 1941- 1949, Lloyd C. Gardner ; The Anti-Communist Impulse, Michael Parenti
Reviewed by Thomas P. Raynor

pp. 670-672

Priming the German Economy: American Occupational Policies, 1945-1948, John H. Backer
Reviewed by John Gimbel

pp. 672-673

American Images of Soviet Foreign Policy: An Inquiry into Recent Appraisal from the Academic Community, William Welch
Reviewed by Marshall D. Shulman

pp. 673-675

In Search of Nixon. A Psychohistorical Inquiry, Bruce Mazlish
Reviewed by Arnold A. Rogow

pp. 675-677

Quest for the New Moral World: Robert Owen and the Owenites in Britain and America, J. F. C. Harrison
Reviewed by Bernard Semmel

pp. 677-678

Lloyd George: Twelve Essays, A. J. P. Taylor ; Politicians at War, July 1914 to May 1915: A Prologue to the Triumph of Lloyd George, Cameron Hazlehurst
Reviewed by Stephen E. Koss

pp. 678-680

The Union of Democratic Control in British Politics During the First World War, Marvin Swartz
Reviewed by Kenneth O. Morgan

pp. 681-682

The Inter-War Economy: Britain, 1919-1939, Derek H. Aldcroft
Reviewed by S. B. Saul

pp. 682-684

The Mackenzie King Record, Volume 3: 1945-1946; Volume 4: 1947-1948, J. W. Pickersgill and D. G. Forster
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 684-685

Bridge Across the Bosphorus: The Foreign Policy of Turkey, Ferenc A. Váli
Reviewed by Şerif Mardin

pp. 685-686

Islam in Egypt Today: Social and Political Aspects of Popular Religion, Morroe Berger ; The Chatham House Version and Other Middle-Eastern Studies, Elie Kedourie ; Arab Intellectuals and the West: The Formative Years, 1875-1914, Hisham Sharabi

pp. 687-692

Religion and State in Iran, 1785-1906: The Role of the Ulama in the Qajar Period, Hamid Algar
Reviewed by Nikki R. Keddie

pp. 692-693

Elites in South Asia, Edmund Leach and S. N. Mukherjee
Reviewed by Leonard A. Gordon

pp. 693-695

The Japanese Oligarchy and the Russo-Japanese War, Shumpei Okamoto
Reviewed by Hugh Borton

pp. 695-696

Communist China, 1949-1969: A Twenty-Year Appraisal, Frank N. Trager and William Henderson ; Party Leadership and Revolutionary Power in China, John Wilson Lewis ; China's World: The Foreign Policy of a Developing State, J. D. Simmonds ; Revolution and Chinese Foreign Policy: Peking's Support for Wars of National Liberation, Peter Van Ness ; Mao, Philippe Devillers and Tony White ; The Protracted Game: A Wei-ch'i Interpretation of Maoist Revolutionary Strategy, Scott A. Boorman
Reviewed by Chün-Tu Hsüeh

pp. 696-699

Protest and Power in Black Africa, Robert I. Rotberg and Ali A. Mazrui
Reviewed by Jean Herskovits

pp. 699-701

Miracle at Joaseiro, Ralph Della Cava
Reviewed by Richard M. Morse

pp. 701-702

The Vargas Regime: The Critical Years, 1934-1938, Robert M. Levine ; Catholic Radicals in Brazil, Emanuel de Kadt
Reviewed by Peter Flynn

pp. 702-704

Lord and Peasant in Peru: A Paradigm of Political and Social Change, F. LaMond Tullis
Reviewed by George I. Blanksten

pp. 704-705

Every War Must End, Fred Charles Iklé
Reviewed by Kenneth E. Boulding

pp. 705-707

Behind Ghetto Walls: Black Family Life in a Federal Slum, Lee Rainwater
Reviewed by Andrew Billingsley

pp. 707-710

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