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Volume 92 - Number 4 - Winter 1977-78

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The Nixon Brush with Tyranny
James David Barber

pp. 581-605

Societal Overload: Sources, Components, and Corrections
Amitai Etzioni

pp. 607-631

Exploring the 1976 Republican Convention: Five Perspectives

pp. 633-634

Party Unity: Appearance and Reality
Denis G. Sullivan

pp. 635-645

Impressions of Ford and Reagan
Robert T. Nakamura

pp. 647-654

Writing the Republican Platform
Martha Wagner Weinberg

pp. 655-662

Strategies and Tactics of Candidate Organizations
F. Christopher Arterton

pp. 663-671

Groups and Group Caucuses
Jeffrey L. Pressman

pp. 673-682

Independent Jamaica Enters World Politics: Foreign Policy in a New State
Wendell Bell

pp. 683-703


p. 762

Shattered Peace: The Origins of the Cold War and the National Security State, Daniel Yergin
Reviewed by John Gimbel

pp. 705-706

The Military and Politics in Modern Times, Amos Perlmutter
Reviewed by M. Crawford Young

pp. 706-708

American Democracy and World Power, Robert A. Isaak
Reviewed by Benjamin M. Rowland

pp. 708-709

Offense and Defense in the International System, George H. Quester
Reviewed by Robert L. Pfaltzgraff

pp. 709-711

The Arms Bazaar: From Lebanon to Lockheed, Anthony Sampson
Reviewed by George H. Quester

pp. 711-712

Storm Over the Multinationals: The Real Issues, Raymond Vernon
Reviewed by Robert Lekachman

pp. 712-713

The Control of Oil, John M. Blair

pp. 713-714

The Origins of the Cold War in Asia, Akira Iriye and Yonosuki Nagai
Reviewed by Yung H. Park

pp. 715-716

Modernization and the Transformation of International Relations, Edward L. Morse
Reviewed by Inis L. Claude, Jr.

pp. 716-717

Parties and Party Systems: A Framework for Analysis, Volume I, Giovanni Sartori
Reviewed by Walter Dean Burnham

pp. 718-720

Toward A Warless World: The Travail of the American Peace Movement, 1887- 1914, David S. Patterson
Reviewed by Blanche Wiesen Cook

pp. 720-722

Illusions of Choice: The F-111 and the Problem of Weapons Acquisition Reform, Robert Coulam
Reviewed by Robert H. Trice

pp. 722-723

War, Foreign Affairs and Constitutional Power: The Origins, Abraham D. Sofaer
Reviewed by Hugh Heclo

pp. 724-725

Remaking Foreign Policy: The Organizational Connection, Graham Allison and Peter Szanton
Reviewed by H. Bradford Westerfield

pp. 725-727

China Policy: Old Problems and New Challenges, A. Doak Barnett
Reviewed by Steven I. Levine

pp. 727-728

The Inheritance of Economic Status, John A. Brittain
Reviewed by Bernard Barber

pp. 728-730

Congress Against Itself, Roger H. Davidson and Walter J. Oleszek
Reviewed by David E. Price

pp. 730-732

The Unmaking of a President: Lyndon Johnson and Vietnam, Herbert Y. Schandler
Reviewed by George E. Reedy

pp. 732-733

The Implementation Game: What Happens After a Bill Becomes Law, Eugene Bardach
Reviewed by Walter Williams

pp. 733-734

The Gray Lobby, Henry J. Pratt ; The Future of Social Security, Alicia H. Munnell
Reviewed by Sheila B. Kamerman

pp. 735-737

Policing a Free Society, Herman Goldstein
Reviewed by Elinor Ostrom

pp. 737-738

Good Neighborhood: The Challenge of Open Housing, Morris Milgram
Reviewed by M. Leanne Lachman

pp. 738-739

Delivering Educational Service: Urban Schools and Schooling Policy, David Goodwin
Reviewed by Edwin M. Bridges

pp. 740-741

The Public Interest in Government Labor Relations, Richard P. Schick and Jean Couturier
Reviewed by Walter J. Gershenfeld

pp. 741-743

The Adoption of Innovation by Local Government, Richard D. Bingham and Thomas P. McNaught
Reviewed by Lawrence B. Mohr

pp. 743-744

Sex Roles in the State House, Irene Diamond
Reviewed by Victoria Schuck

pp. 744-746

Working-Class Women and Grass-Roots Politics, Kathleen McCourt
Reviewed by Rita W. Cooley

pp. 746-747

We Were There: The Story of Working Women in America, Barbara Mayer Wertheimer
Reviewed by Jewel Bellush

pp. 747-749

Doing Better and Feeling Worse: Health in the United States, John H. Knowles
Reviewed by Arthur L. Levin

pp. 749-750

The Bureaucratic Experience, Ralph P. Hummel
Reviewed by Wilbur C. Rich

p. 751

Mike: The Memoirs of the Right Honourable Lester B. Pearson: Volume 3, 1957-1968, John A. Munro and Alex I. Inglis
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 752-753

Between Center and Periphery: Grassroots Politicians in Italy and France, Sidney Tarrow
Reviewed by John A. Armstrong

pp. 753-755

The Perfect in French Public Administration, Howard Machin
Reviewed by Denis Lacorne

pp. 755-756

Social and Political Movements in Western Europe, Martin Kolinsky and William E. Paterson
Reviewed by Paul Wilkinson

pp. 756-759

Political Culture in Israel: Cleavage and Integration among Israeli Jews, Eva Etzioni-Halevy and Rina Shapira
Reviewed by Naomi Joy Williams

pp. 759-760

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