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Volume 1 - Number 3 - September 1886

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American War-Financiering
Henry C. Adams

pp. 349-385

Bimetallism in the United States
Alfred E. Lee

pp. 386-399

The Taxation of Labor
Charles B. Spahr

pp. 400-436

The National Bureau of Labor, and Industrial Depressions
Richmond Mayo Smith

pp. 437-448

The Conflict of East and West in Egypt. II
John Eliot Bowen

pp. 449-490

American Commonwealths.--Michigan: A History of Governments, Thomas McIntyre Cooley ; California: A Study of American Character, Josiah Royce

pp. 491-493

The History of the Antislavery Cause in State and Nation, Austin Willey
Reviewed by George H. Baker

pp. 493-494

Geschichte der Deutschen Historiographie seit dem Auftreten des Humanismus, Franz X. Von Wegele

pp. 494-495

Das Englische Parlament in Tausendjahrigen Wandelungen vom 9. bis zum Ende des 19. Jahrhundert, Rudolf Gneist
Reviewed by Frank J. Goodnow

pp. 495-497

Deutsche Geschichte im Neunzehnten Jahrhundert. Drittes Buch: Oesterreichs Herrschaft und Preussens Erstarken (1819-1830), Heinrich von Treitschke
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 498-501

Lehrbuch des Deutschen Staatsrechts. Buch I. Das deutsche Landesstaatsrecht. Buch II. Das deutsche Reichsstaatsrecht, Hermann Schultze ; The Law and Custom of the Constitution. Vol I. Law and Custom of Parliament, William R. Anson ; Le droit Public de la Belgique, A. Giron ; Etudes de droit Constitutionnel, E. Boutmy
Reviewed by John W. Burgess

pp. 501-508

Popular Government, William H. Taft
Reviewed by Munroe Smith

pp. 508-510

The Financial History of the United States from 1861 to 1885, Albert S. Bolles
Reviewed by Worthington C. Ford

pp. 510-512

Die Nordamerikanischen Gewerkschaften unter dem Einfluss der Fortschreitenden Productionstechnik, A. Sartorius

pp. 512-514

The Relation of the Modern Municipality to the Gas Supply, Edmund J. James

pp. 514-515

First Biennial Report of the Bureau of Industrial Statistics and Information of Maryland. 1884-1885, Thomas C. Weeks
Reviewed by Richmond Mayo Smith

p. 516

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