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Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: Senator James Eastland: Mississippi’s Jim Crow Democrat


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: Crossing the Aisle: Party Switching by U.S. Legislators in the Postwar Era


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: The Inevitable Party: Why Attempts to Kill the Party System Fail and How they Weaken Democracy


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: Populism’s Power: Radical Grassroots Democracy in America


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: Conventional Wisdom: The Alternate Article V Mechanism for Proposing Amendments to the U.S. Constitution


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: The Great Melding: War, the Dixiecrat Rebellion, and the Southern Model for America’s New Conservatism


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: The Heir Apparent Presidency


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Review: Politics against Domination


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

The Mediating Effect of Authoritarianism on Immigrant Access to TANF: A State-Level Analysis
JASON E. KEHRBERG discusses the effects of authoritarianism in American states and specifically on immigrant access to TANF. He uses an original measure of authoritarianism and concludes that states with authoritarian populations are more likely to deny immigrants access to welfare benefits.


Volume 132 - Number 2 - Summer 2017

Debating War Powers: Battles in the Clinton and Obama Administrations
SARAH BURNS challenges the concept that presidential overreach has eroded the separation of powers in the realm of warfare. She argues that rather than causing the erosion, presidents have responded to Congress’s reluctance to deliberate about military affairs. They have relied increasingly on questionable legal justi?cations from executive branch lawyers.

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Tactical Advantages of Terror

RICHARD BETTS applies offense-defense theory to explain the intense advantages that terrorist groups have in launching offensive strikes and in exploiting the defenses that a nation can put up in this era of globalization and asymmetric warfare.

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