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Volume 66 - Number 1 - March 1951

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Portrait of a Political General: Edwin von Manteuffel and the Constitutional Conflict in Prussia
Gordon A. Craig

pp. 1-36

The Proposed Development Authority Compact for New England
Lincoln Smith

pp. 37-64

British Party Organization, 1950
Allen M. Potter

pp. 65-86

The British Labor Government's Town and Country Planning Act: A Study in Conflicting Liberalisms
Keith C. Clark

pp. 87-103

Canadian Politics
William R. Willoughby

pp. 104-119

Ideas & Men: The Story of Western Thought, Crane Brinton
Reviewed by Lyman Bryson

pp. 121-122

Crisis in Britain: Plans and Achievements of the Labour Government, Robert A. Brady ; Problems of Socialist England, Bertrand de Jouvenel and J. F. Huntington
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 123-125

Tito and Goliath, Hamilton Fish Armstrong
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 125-126

Stalin and the Poles: An Indictment of the Soviet Leaders, Bronislaw Kusnierz and August Zaleski
Reviewed by Otakar Odlozilik

pp. 126-128

A Communist Party in Action: An Account of the Organization and Operations in France, A. Rossi and Willmoore Kendall
Reviewed by Bernard E. Brown

pp. 128-130

The United States and Japan, Edwin O. Reischauer
Reviewed by Hugh Borton

pp. 130-132

National Security and Individual Freedom, Harold D. Lasswell
Reviewed by Sar A. Levitan

pp. 132-133

The Psychology of Dictatorship: Based on an Examination of the Leaders of Nazi Germany, G. M. Gilbert
Reviewed by Theodore Abel

pp. 134-135

The German Catastrophe: Reflections and Recollections, Sidney B. Fay and Friedrich Meinecke
Reviewed by John H. Wuorinen

pp. 135-136

British Politics since 1900, D. C. Somervell
Reviewed by Herman Ausubel

pp. 136-138

The Jacobite Movement: The First Phase, 1688-1716, Charles Petrie ; The Jacobite Movement: The Last Phase, 1716-1807, Charles Petrie
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 138-140

Our More Perfect Union: From Eighteenth-Century Principles to Twentieth-Century Practice, Arthur N. Holcombe
Reviewed by Carl Brent Swisher

pp. 141-143

The Purse and the Sword: Control of the Army by Congress through Military Appropriations, 1933-1950, Elias Huzar
Reviewed by John D. Millett

pp. 143-145

The Growth of American Law: The Law Makers, James Willard Hurst
Reviewed by Richard B. Morris

pp. 145-147

Monetary Theory and Public Policy, Kenneth K. Kurihara
Reviewed by Jeannette P. Nichols

pp. 147-148

The New Deal Collective Bargaining Policy, Irving Bernstein
Reviewed by Paul F. Brissenden

pp. 149-151

The Rural Economy of New England: A Regional Study, John D. Black
Reviewed by Edwin C. Rozwenc

pp. 151-152

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson. Vol. I: 1760-1776. Vol. II: 1777 to 18 June 1779, Including the Revisal of the Laws, 1776-1786, Julian P. Boyd
Reviewed by Richard Hofstadter

pp. 152-154

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