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Volume 62 - Number 4 - December 1947

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Peace with Italy--An Appraisal
René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 481-503

The Central Government of Yugoslavia
Michael Boro Petrovich

pp. 504-530

How Bad is Congress?
Jay H. Topkis

pp. 531-551

Economics and International Relations: A Problem in Teaching
Klaus Knorr

pp. 552-568

Did Labor Support Andrew Jackson?
William A. Sullivan

pp. 569-580

Commonwealth: A Study of the Role of Government in the American Economy: Massachusetts, 1774-1861, Oscar Handlin and Mary Flug Handlin
Reviewed by Richard B. Morris

pp. 581-587

The Weimar Republic: Overture to the Third Reich, Godfrey Scheele ; Germany: From Defeat to Conquest, 1913-1933, W. M. Knight-Patterson and Lord Vansittart ; Die Weimarer Republik, Ferdinand Friedensburg ; The Origins of Modern Germany, Geoffrey Barraclough ; The Course of German History: A Survey of the Development of Germany since 1815, J. P. Taylor
Reviewed by Franz L. Neumann

pp. 587-591

Treason's Peace: German Dyes & American Dupes, Howard Watson Ambruster
Reviewed by Louis L. Snyder

pp. 591-593

The Finances of European Liberation: With Special Reference to Italy, Frank A. Southard
Reviewed by Henry S. Miller

pp. 593-595

Our Vichy Gamble, William L. Langer
Reviewed by Charles A. Micaud

pp. 595-598

China's Destiny, Lin Yutang, Chiang Kai-shek and Wang Chung-hui ; China's Destiny & Chinese Economic Theory, Chiang Kai-shek and Philip Jaffe
Reviewed by Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 598-599

The Second State Duma, Reminiscences of a Contemporary, V. A. Maklakov
Reviewed by Michael T. Florinsky

pp. 599-601

Defeat in Victory, Jan Ciechanowski
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 601-602

The Dark Side of the Moon, T. S. Eliot
Reviewed by Harry Schwartz

pp. 602-604

Americans in Persia, Arthur C. Millspaugh
Reviewed by Philip E. Mosely

pp. 604-605

Full Production Without War, Harold Loeb
Reviewed by Lyle C. Fitch

pp. 605-607

The Trade of Nations, Michael A. Heilperin
Reviewed by William Diebold

pp. 607-609

Seen from E. A.: Three International Episodes, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by Antonin Basch

pp. 609-611

The Farmer in the Second World War, Walter W. Wilcox

pp. 611-613

The Wallaces of Iowa, Russell Lord
Reviewed by John D. Black

pp. 613-615

Wilson: The Road to the White House, Arthur S. Link
Reviewed by David S. Muzzey

pp. 615-617

Horace Greeley: Printer, Editor, Crusader, Henry Luther Stoddard ; Horace Greeley and the Republican Party, 1853-1861: A Study of the New York Tribune, Jeter A. Isely
Reviewed by Louis Filler

pp. 617-619

Critics & Crusaders: A Century of American Protest, Charles A. Madison
Reviewed by Ralph Adams Brown

pp. 619-621

Administrative Behavior: A Study of Decision-Making Processes in Administrative Organization, Herbert A. Simon
Reviewed by John D. Millett

pp. 621-622

The Correspondence of Sir Thomas More, Elizabeth Frances Rogers
Reviewed by Lynn Thorndike

pp. 623-624

Lord Macaulay's Legislative Minutes, C. D. Dharker
Reviewed by Robert Livingston Schuyler

pp. 624-626

The Political Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, G. N. Dhawan
Reviewed by Taraknath Das

pp. 626-627

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