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Volume 71 - Number 4 - December 1956

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China in Reappraisal: Menace to American Security?
Nathaniel Peffer

pp. 481-515

Shifts in the Structure of the International Monetary System
Arthur Nussbaum

pp. 516-523

Testament of Politics: An Exhortation to Political Scientists
John D. Millett

pp. 524-538

Economic Planning in a Capitalist Society: France from Monnet to Hirsh
Shepard B. Clough

pp. 539-552

"Power Politics" Versus "Political Ecology"
J. E. Brassert

pp. 553-568

Inflexible Interest Rates and Economic Policy: The Case of Norway 1946-1956
Walter J. Sedwitz

pp. 569-596

The Presidency Today, Edward S. Corwin and Louis W. Koenig ; The American Presidency, Richard M. Pious ; The Rise of the Vice Presidency, Irving G. Williams
Reviewed by Lucius Wilmerding

pp. 597-599

American State Politics: An Introduction, V. O. Key
Reviewed by Wallace S. Sayre

pp. 599-600

Military Policy and National Security, William W. Kaufmann
Reviewed by Ernest R. May

pp. 600-602

The Federal Antitrust Policy: Origination of an American Tradition, Hans B. Thorelli
Reviewed by William E. Leuchtenburg

pp. 602-604

Laissez Faire and the General-Welfare State: A Study of Conflict in America Thought, 1865-1901, Sidney Fine
Reviewed by Charles Fairman

pp. 604-606

The Power Elite, C. Wright Mills
Reviewed by Robert Bierstedt

pp. 606-607

Charles Beard and the Constitution: A Critical Analysis of "An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution", Robert E. Brown
Reviewed by Harold C. Syrett

pp. 608-609

Henry Watterson: Reconstructed Rebel, Joseph Frazier Wall
Reviewed by Edward Younger

pp. 610-611

James Wilson: Founding Father, 1742-1798, Charles Page Smith
Reviewed by Alfred H. Kelly

pp. 611-613

The Economic Thought of Franklin D. Roosevelet and the Origins of the New Deal, Daniel R. Fusfeld
Reviewed by Frank Freidel

pp. 613-615

The Office of Prime Minister, Byrum E. Carter ; Unrepentant Tory: The Life and Times of Andrew Bonar Law, 1858-1923, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Robert Blake
Reviewed by J. B. Stewart

pp. 615-616

The King's Peace, 1637-1641. Vol. I of The Great Rebellion--1637 to the Restoration, C. V. Wedgwood
Reviewed by Sidney A. Burrell

pp. 617-618

Mitteleuropa in German Thought and Action, 1815-1945, Henry Cord Meyer
Reviewed by Fritz Stern

pp. 618-620

The Holstein Papers. Volume I: Memoirs and Political Observations, Norman Rich and M. H. Fisher
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 621-622

The Dreyfus Case: A Reassessment, Guy Chapman
Reviewed by Donald C. McKay

pp. 622-624

Foundations of the Conciliar Theory: The Contribution of the Medieval Canonists from Gratian to the Great Schism, Brian Tierney
Reviewed by John H. Mundy

pp. 626-628

The Pattern of World Conflict, G. L. Arnold
Reviewed by Max Gideonse

pp. 628-630

Russia and America: Dangers and Prospects, Henry L. Roberts
Reviewed by Paul F. Langer

pp. 630-632

The Changing World of Soviet Russia, David J. Dallin
Reviewed by Samuel Kucherov

pp. 632-633

The Balkans in Our Time, Robert Lee Wolff
Reviewed by Joseph S. Roucek

pp. 634-635

An Economic Survey of Communist China, Yuan-Li Wu
Reviewed by John E. Orchard

pp. 635-637

Hands Across Frontiers: Case Studies in Technical Cooperation, Howard M. Teaf and Peter G. Franck
Reviewed by Thomas C. Blaisdell

pp. 637-639

Sterling: Its Meaning in World Finance, Judd Polk
Reviewed by Elliot Zupnick

pp. 639-640

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