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Volume 86 - Number 2 - June 1971

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The Historians and the Presidency: An Essay Review
Rexford G. Tugwell

pp. 183-204

Redemption and Politics
Roger W. Smith

pp. 205-231

Lend-Lease and the Open Door: The Temptation of British Opulence, 1937-1942
Warren F. Kimball

pp. 232-259

The United States and British Bankruptcy, 1944-1945: Responsibilities Deferred
George C. Herring

pp. 260-280

The Yalta Myths: An Issue in U.S. Politics, 1945-55, Athan G. Theoharis ; Yalta, Diane Shaver Clemens ; From Trust to Terror: The Onset of the Cold War, 1945-1950, Herbert Feis
Reviewed by A. J. P. Taylor

pp. 281-283

The American Challenge, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. and Ronald Steel
Reviewed by Emile Benoit

pp. 283-284

The Making of a Myth: The United States and China, 1897-1912, Paul A. Varg ; The Great Rapprochement: England and the United States, 1895-1914, Bradford Perkins
Reviewed by Robert H. Ferrell

pp. 284-286

Hawaii: Reciprocity or Annexation, Merze Tate
Reviewed by Jacob Adler

pp. 286-287

Heard Round the World: The Impact Abroad of the Civil War, Harold Hyman
Reviewed by David M. Potter

pp. 287-289

Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom, James MacGregor Burns
Reviewed by Robert A. Divine

pp. 289-290

Senator Robert F. Wagner and the Rise of Urban Liberalism, J. Joseph Huthmacher
Reviewed by Demetrios Caraley

pp. 290-292

The Otis Family in Provincial and Revolutionary Massachusetts, John J. Waters
Reviewed by Philip J. Greven

pp. 294-296

Participation and Democratic Theory, Carole Pateman ; After the Revolution? Authority in a Good Society, Robert A. Dahl ; Democracy in a Revolutionary Era: The Political Order Today, Harvey Wheeler
Reviewed by Alfred M. Bingham

pp. 297-301

Democratic Representation: Reapportionment in Law and Politics, Robert G. Dixon
Reviewed by Frank J. Sorauf

pp. 301-302

The Influence of Federal Grants, Martha Derthick
Reviewed by Suzanne Farkas

pp. 303-304

The Enemies of the Poor, James Graham ; Rural Poverty and the Urban Crisis: A Strategy for Regional Development, Niles M. Hansen ; The Poor Ye Need Not Have With You: Lessons from the War on Poverty, Robert A. LeVine
Reviewed by Herbert J. Gans

pp. 304-306

The Service Economy, Victor R. Fuchs and Irving F. Leveson
Reviewed by William J. Baumol

pp. 307-308

The Academic Revolution, David Riesman and Christopher Jencks
Reviewed by Douglas Heath

pp. 308-310

Politics and Experience: Essays Presented to Professor Michael Oakeshott on the Occasion of His Retirement, Preston King and B. C. Parekh
Reviewed by C. B. Macpherson

pp. 310-311

The Political Philosophy of Spinoza, Robert J. McShea
Reviewed by Rosalie L. Colie

pp. 311-313

Men and Citizens: A Study of Rousseau's Social Theory, Judith N. Shklar
Reviewed by Stephen Ellenburg

pp. 313-315

Rousseau's Social Contract, Lester G. Crocker
Reviewed by Judith N. Shklar

pp. 315-316

World Order and Local Disorder: The United Nations and Internal Conflicts, Linda B. Miller
Reviewed by B. S. Murty

pp. 316-318

Economic Planning and Policies in Britain, France and Germany, Malcolm MacLennan, Murray Forsyth and Geoffrey Denton
Reviewed by C. P. Kindleberger

pp. 318-319

Twenty Years of Nationalisation: The British Experience, R. Kelf-Cohen
Reviewed by Donald Dewey

pp. 319-320

Rebels and Whips: An Analysis of Dissension, Discipline and Cohesion in British Political Parties, Robert J. Jackson
Reviewed by Leon D. Epstein

pp. 320-322

The Fall of the British Empire, 1918-1968, Colin Cross
Reviewed by Richard W. Lyman

pp. 322-324

Critics of Empire: British Radical Attitudes to Colonialism in Africa, 1895-1914, Bernard Porter
Reviewed by Raymond F. Betts

pp. 324-325

The Foreign Office and Foreign Policy, 1898-1914, Zara S. Steiner ; Great Britain and Japan, 1911-1915: A Study of British Far Eastern Policy, Peter Lowe
Reviewed by Stephen E. Koss

pp. 325-327

Disraeli, Democracy and the Tory Party: Conservative Leadership and Organization after the Second Reform Bill, E. J. Feuchtwanger
Reviewed by Barry McGill

pp. 327-328

The Handloom Weavers: A Study in the English Cotton Industry during the Industrial Revolution, Duncan Bythell
Reviewed by W. H. B. Court

pp. 328-329

Revolution Politiks: The Career of Daniel Finch, Second Earl of Nottingham, 1647-1730, Henry Horwitz
Reviewed by Caroline Robbins

pp. 330-331

The Shaping of the Elizabethan Regime, Wallace MacCaffrey
Reviewed by T. R. Murphy

pp. 331-333

A Nation Divided: Canada and the Coming of Pierre Trudeau, Peter C. Newman
Reviewed by Thomas P. Peardon

pp. 334-335

Australian Parties in a Changing Society: 1945-67, Louise Overacker
Reviewed by C. Hartley Grattan

pp. 335-336

Pierre Laval and the Eclipse of France, Geoffrey Warner
Reviewed by Gordon Wright

pp. 336-338

Theophile Delcasse and the Making of the Entente Cordiale: A Reappraisal of French Foreign Policy, 1898-1905, Christopher Andrew
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 338-339

Raspail: Scientist and Reformer, Dora B. Weiner and Simone Raspail
Reviewed by Erwin H. Ackerknecht

pp. 339-340

The Nazi Persecution of the Churches, 1933-1945, J. S. Conway
Reviewed by Guenter Lewy

pp. 340-342

Weimar Germany's Left-Wing Intellectuals: A Political History of the Weltbuhne and its Causes, Istvan Deak
Reviewed by Klemens von Klemperer

pp. 342-343

Diplomat in Berlin, 1933-1939: Papers and Memoirs of Jozef Lipski, Ambassador of Poland, Wacław Jȩdrzejewicz
Reviewed by C. M. Kimmich

pp. 343-345

The Soviet System and Modern Society, George Fischer
Reviewed by David Granick

pp. 345-346

The Third Department: The Establishment and Practices of the Political Police in the Russia of Nicholas I, P. S. Squire
Reviewed by D. E. Emerson

pp. 346-348

How Communist China Negotiates, Arthur Lall
Reviewed by Dennis M. Ray

pp. 348-349

Revolutionary Immortality: Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Robert Jay Lifton ; Chinese Communism in Crisis: Maoism and the Cultural Revolution, Jack Gray and Patrick Cavendish
Reviewed by Chün-Tu Hsüeh

pp. 349-351

Breakthrough in Burma: Memoirs of a Revolution, 1939-1946, Ba Maw
Reviewed by Harry J. Benda

pp. 351-353

The Congress Party of India: The Dynamics of One-Party Democracy, Stanley A. Kochanek
Reviewed by Margaret W. Fisher

pp. 353-354

Political Communication: The Public Language of Political Elites in India and the United States, Harold D. Lasswell and Satish K. Arora
Reviewed by Richard L. Merritt

pp. 354-356

Political Ideology in Malaysia: Reality and the Beliefs of an Elite, James C. Scott
Reviewed by William R. Roff

pp. 356-358

Nation-Building and Community in Israel, Dorothy Willner
Reviewed by Ben Halpern

pp. 358-359

The Letters and Papers of Chaim Weizmann, Series A: Letters, Vol. I: Summer 1885-29 October 1902, Leonard Stein and Gedalia Yogev
Reviewed by Salo W. Baron

pp. 359-362

The American Approach to the Arab World, John S. Badeau
Reviewed by P. J. Vatikiotis

pp. 362-364

Beginnings of Modernization in the Middle East: The Nineteenth Century, William R. Polk and Richard L. Chambers
Reviewed by Nikki R. Keddie

pp. 364-366

Russia and Britain in Persia, 1864-1914: A Study in Imperialism, Firuz Kazemzadeh
Reviewed by H. S. Deighton

pp. 367-368

The African Predicament: A Study in the Pathology of Modernisation, Stanislav Andreski
Reviewed by L. Gray Cowan

pp. 368-369

Panafrikanismus: Zur Geschichte der Dekolonisation, Imanuel Geiss
Reviewed by Lewis H. Gann

pp. 369-371

Ghana's Foreign Policy, 1957-1966: Diplomacy, Ideology, and the New State, W. Scott Thompson
Reviewed by Colin Legum

pp. 371-372

Apartheid and Racial Partnership in Southern Africa, N. J. Rhoodie
Reviewed by Julius Lewin

pp. 372-373

Southern Africa and the United States, William Hance ; Race, Peace, Law, and Southern Africa, John Carey
Reviewed by Pierre L. van den Berghe

pp. 374-375

British Land Policy at the Cape, 1795-1844: A Study of Administrative Procedures in the Empire, Leslie Clement Duly
Reviewed by John S. Galbraith

pp. 375-376

A Monetary Policy for Latin America, Robert Triffin, Pierre Uri, Nicholas Kaldor, Richard Ruggles and Frederick A. Prager
Reviewed by Albert G. Hart

pp. 376-378

Politics and the Labor Movement in Latin America, Victor Alba
Reviewed by Robert J. Alexander

pp. 379-380

The Politics of Change in Venezuela, Volume I: A Strategy for Research on Social Policy, Frank Bonilla
Reviewed by Maurice Zeitlin

pp. 380-382

Patterns of Conflict in Colombia, James L. Payne
Reviewed by Matthew Edel

pp. 382-383

The Hero and the Crowd in a Colonial Polity, A. W. Singham
Reviewed by Wendell Bell

pp. 383-385

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