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Volume 83 - Number 4 - December 1968

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The Political Meaning of Unconscious Guilt
Roger W. Smith

pp. 505-515

The Effect of Neighborhood on Voting Behavior
Irving S. Foladare

pp. 516-529

The Ballot and the Dream: Footnotes to a Century of "Educated Democracy"
Nicolas Haines

pp. 530-550

The Political Dimensions of Military Usurpation
David C. Rapoport

pp. 551-572

Great Britain and the Coolidge Naval Disarmament Conference of 1927
David Carlton

pp. 573-598

The Importance of Being "Relevant": An Exchange of Views
Yvonne Groseil, Sigmund Diamond

pp. 599-608

Freud: Political and Social Thought, Paul Roazen
Reviewed by Bruce Mazlish

pp. 609-610

Two Tracts on Government, John Locke and Philip Abrams
Reviewed by M. M. Goldsmith

pp. 610-611

The Political Philosophy of Rousseau, Roger D. Masters ; Rousseau and the Spirit of Revolt, William H. Blanchard
Reviewed by Judith N. Shklar

pp. 612-613

Fortschritt und Gegenrevolution: Die Gesellschaftslehre Comtes in ihrer Sozialen Funktion, Otwin Massing
Reviewed by Lewis A. Coser

pp. 613-614

The Sociological Tradition, Robert A. Nisbet
Reviewed by Alvin W. Gouldner

pp. 614-616

The Individual and Society in the Middle Ages, Walter Ullmann
Reviewed by Norman F. Cantor

pp. 616-617

Europe of the Dictators, 1919-1945, Elizabeth Wiskemann ; International Politics since World War II: A Short History, Charles L. Robertson
Reviewed by René Albrecht-Carrié

pp. 617-619

Hitler's Social Revolution: Class and Status in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939, David Schoenbaum
Reviewed by Kaethe Mengelberg

pp. 619-620

Beyond Eagle and Swastika: German Nationalism Since 1945, Kurt P. Tauber ; The Quest for a United Germany, Ferenc A. Váli
Reviewed by Gordon A. Craig

pp. 621-623

The English: A History of Politics and Society to 1760, Norman F. Cantor
Reviewed by G. R. Elton

pp. 623-624

The Passing of the Irish Act of Union: A Study in Parliamentary Politics, G. C. Bolton
Reviewed by N. Mansergh

pp. 624-625

New Federations: Experiments in the Commonwealth, R. L. Watts
Reviewed by Daniel J. Elazar

pp. 625-627

Medical Practice in Modern England: The Impact of Specialization and State Medicine, Rosemary Stevens
Reviewed by George Rosen

pp. 627-628

New Dubliners: Urbanization and the Irish Family, Alexander J. Humphreys
Reviewed by Solon T. Kimball

pp. 629-630

The Soviet Middle East: A Communist Model for Development, Alec Nove and J. A. Newth
Reviewed by Edward Allworth

pp. 630-632

A Framework for Political Analysis, David Easton ; A Systems Analysis of Political Life, David Easton ; Varieties of Political Theory, David Easton
Reviewed by D. F. Thompson

pp. 632-634

The Development of Political Attitudes in Children, Robert D. Hess and Judith V. Torney
Reviewed by Elliott White

pp. 634-635

Law in the World Community, C. Wilfred Jenks
Reviewed by Louis Lusky

pp. 635-637

The International Protection of Human Rights, Evan Luard
Reviewed by Gidon Gottlieb

pp. 637-638

The Insanity Defense, Abraham S. Goldstein
Reviewed by Lawrence Zelic Freedman

pp. 639-640

John Jay, the Nation, and the Court, Richard B. Morris
Reviewed by Carl Brent Swisher

pp. 640-642

Isolationism in America: 1935-1941, Manfred Jonas
Reviewed by Milton Plesur

pp. 642-643

Second Chance: The Triumph of Internationalism in America during World War II, Robert A. Divine
Reviewed by Alexander De Conde

pp. 643-645

Foreign Policy and Democratic Politics: The American and British Experience, Kenneth N. Waltz ; Domestic Sources of Foreign Policy, James N. Rosenau
Reviewed by Kenneth G. Younger

pp. 645-646

A Tower in Babel: A History of Broadcasting in the United States, Vol. I: to 1933, Erik Barnouw
Reviewed by Robert Saudek

pp. 647-648

The Image Candidates: American Politics in the Age of Television, Gene Wyckoff
Reviewed by Elmo Roper

pp. 649-650

The Promise of Politics, Henry S. Kariel
Reviewed by Darryl B. Baskin

pp. 650-652

The Power Broker: A Biography of John M. Bailey, Modern Political Boss, Joseph I. Lieberman
Reviewed by Duane Lockard

pp. 652-653

Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America, Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton
Reviewed by Annette K. Baxter

pp. 653-655

Planning U. S. A, George Soule

pp. 655-656

United States Merchant Shipping Policies and Politics, Samuel A. Lawrence
Reviewed by Daniel Marx

pp. 657-658

Strangers at the Gate: Social Disorder in South China, 1839-1861, Frederick Wakeman
Reviewed by S. Y. Teng

pp. 658-660

Enemies and Friends: The United Front in Chinese Communist History, Lyman P. Van Slyke
Reviewed by Earl Browder

pp. 660-661

Burma: From Kingdom to Republic, A Historical and Political Analysis, Frank N. Trager
Reviewed by John F. Cady

pp. 662-663

The Year 2000: A Framework for Speculation on the Next Thirty-Three Years, Herman Kahn and Anthony J. Wiener
Reviewed by Lord Ritchie-Calder

pp. 663-665

Trade Liberalization Among Industrial Countries: Objectives and Alternatives, Bela Balassa ; Discrimination in International Trade: The Policy Issues, 1945-1965, Gardner Patterson
Reviewed by J. Pen

pp. 665-667

NATO and the Range of American Choice, Annette Baker Fox
Reviewed by William R. Kintner

pp. 668-669

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